2014 to Mar 2016

On the Mend

The last few days of 2014 have been tough.  The girls fell sick, the husband fell sick, I had several bouts of back and chest pains, and all in all, its been just rough.  I wish I had a better post for everyone to read but I just want to curl under my blanket, eat some brownies and watch re-runs The Office (which is my go-to TV series when I am feeling down).  Maybe I’ll have something good in the New Year.

For those who have been following my journey.  Thank you for reading and sending me your good vibes and thoughts.  You have no idea how I appreciate everyone whose been there for me.  I have had such an eye-opening year in terms of the relationships I have to people, whether they are strangers, friends and family members.  Its been an absolutely wild year.  I still cannot believe I had three human beings inside of me and everyday, I feel I am slowly emotionally recovering from the trauma of being in a triplet pregnancy.  It takes a while for my emotional health to return because I spent 8 months this year thinking we weren’t going to make it.  Everyday, the lives of my three girls weighed so heavily in my mind and heart.  We feel so blessed by their presence everyday, but I feel I lost a bit of me this year, and I haven’t had much time to think about it because we dove right into taking care of them.  I am also not 100% from the C-section.  I went through a lot of postpartum issues and I am still dealing with them today.  Its just been so hard to focus on myself when I have to think about my four little ones first.  This is why I am hoping 2015 will be a better year for me to rediscover myself.

May you look back at this year with great fondness and may you have a wonderful year ahead, and Godspeed to whatever it is that you might have planned for yourself in 2015.

Although they’ve been crying more than smiling the last three days, I want my last post to have a picture of the girls smiling you to 2015 🙂



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