2014 to Mar 2016

Can I Call Myself a Hardcore Babywearer Now?

For some strange reason I have only just discovered the world of woven wrapping.  I stumbled upon woven wrapping while researching for ways to carry two babies simultaneously.  I found that there were so many ways to carry twins or two children of different ages in a woven wrap.  And as I read more about woven wraps, it turns out that you are not really a hardcore babywearer until you use a woven wrap.  There is an extremely steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are limitless.

Woven wraps are totally different from stretchable wraps like the popular Moby wrap.  For one they are non-stretchable.  They are essentially a very long piece of cloth.  You can pick how short or how long you want the cloth to be depending on your body size, the style of wrap you want to use and how many kids you want to carry. Of course the longer the wrap, the more choices you have.  But the shorter the wrap, the more convenient it is to wrap.  I learnt that shorter wraps are good for short-duration babywearing and longer wraps are great for long durations.  I purchased two long wraps considering that I plan to carry multiple kids and I am quite big-sized.  Also unlike the Moby, which is limited in wrapping styles and for carrying newborns.  I mean you carry larger babies or even a toddler in your Moby, but let’s face it, the Moby isn’t going to hold up well because it stretches.  The woven wrap is extremely versatile and can carry kids up to four years of age comfortably and securely.

Before my wraps arrived in the mail, I saved many YouTube tutorials on how to use them.  Last week my wraps arrived in the mail and I immediately tore it open and dove right into practicing how to wrap.  I knew that it might be difficult to learn but once I got started, I found it very intuitive. Hell, I even thought I could do the wrap any way I liked because essentially whatever style you employ, the methods to secure the child was fairly similar.

I found carrying two babies in front uncomfortable so that leaves me with carrying one kid at the back with one wrap, and carrying another in front with another (which is why I bought two). I decided to postpone carrying two kids at once because I was a novice wrapper and was not confident in putting a baby who can’t control her head yet on my back.  Its entirely possibly to back carry from day one, but you need a lot of confidence and experience.  So I practiced with frontal wrapping methods for singletons instead, and I really found the woven wrap was way more comfortable, breathable, secure and ergonomic than all my other carriers combined.  And I have a lot of carriers. If I had known about it earlier, I really could have done away with all the carriers and just used these two pieces of cloth.  The first technique I practiced which was the cross-carry I got it down in a few minutes.  Its possible that since I am familiar with wrapping with the Moby, I eased into woven wrapping more easily.

I shall be learning one different wrap method everyday.  With a lot of practice, I should be an expert in less than a month and become a more mobile mother of triplets.  My husband is not really into it and he doesn’t have that much time to practice so he will continue using our structured carriers, which I really loved until I discovered woven wraps. Below is a photo of me and Lysbeth in the cross-carry method with my Lenny Lamb woven wrap.  She was only in it for twenty minutes and fell fast asleep.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 2.13.55 am

If you are in Singapore and want to get in on woven wrapping, you can purchase pretty affordable and very beautiful woven wraps (that are usually quite expensive because of import costs) from 5 Minute Recess.  I didn’t want to spend too much so I bought two wraps from their Sale section.  If you want to know more about woven wraps, what’s available and what size fits you, you can find all the information you need from this site.

P.S:  If you have never wrapped before, you are going to find yourself sweating through learning how to wrap and it will feel very frustrating for a long while. It took me a whole month before I could wrap without looking at a video the very first time I used a wrap.  And even after that whole month, I realised I was still doing it wrong because my baby kept sliding through the wrap.  Essentially, what I am saying is you need a lot of patience if you want to use wraps.

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