2014 to Mar 2016

Feverish Days and Nights

The girls had their 5 in 1 vaccinations today, which means two jabs each, which means getting fever, which means mummy and daddy are going to be tired.  And on top of that, older sister Livia has a viral infection and has her own high fever.  Suffice to say, its not a Merry Christmas in our household.

But it turned out to be a pretty good day.  We managed to bring all three girls out for their vaccinations, which saves a lot of time.  My husband used to bring them one by one and that would take the WHOLE day.  Since its Christmas Eve, the polyclinic was only opened for half the day and the only way we would make it was to bring all the girls at once.  My husband called my mother to help carry the third baby so she came really early in the morning.

What I did not expect was the attention at the polyclinic.  When we asked the parking attendant for help, he went all around the polyclinic telling people were were carrying triplets, and whoever was interested came to greet us.  It was so strange.  My mother, however, revelled in the attention. People kept telling her how blessed she was (cue eye roll).

The girls were really good with their vaccinations.  Liora did not cry at all!  She just scrunched up her face.  We were waiting outside for my husband and Liora and we were wondering why it was so quiet.  Typically you would hear a baby wail when the needle goes in.  I remember once Livia had a delayed reaction: she only cried a minute after the injection was done.  We went to the GP after that for their developmental check, and everything seems to be okay.  They are slowly catching up to peers in their age group, numbering in at the 50th percentile.  Everything was over in an hour and we went home.

They started getting feverish in the evening and we found that they were really calm when we sang them to sleep.  It didn’t take very long.  My husband sang to them in Chinese for thirty minutes and when they woke up at night again, I sang to them for another thirty minutes, and they seemed to really enjoy it.  They would coo and laugh.  I felt like a rockstar hahaha.  I sang some kiddie songs but got bored of it, and switched to pop classics.  And they fell asleep really soon after.  I love how they enjoy our attention.  Like so many parents of multiples, we worry constantly about not giving them enough attention.

Livia was sick as well and she was extra whiny.  But we played some Magnaform with her and she quieted down a lot, and also fell asleep after an hour building 3D figurines with her dad.  When they are not feeling too well, they just want a lot of attention.

I am on fever watch tonight, taking temperatures every few hours.  I just want to wish everyone Merry Christmas and enjoy this day with your lovely families.

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