2014 to Mar 2016


My favorite color for the girls is yellow.  It’s just such a happy color.  And its gender-neutral. Sometimes I do dress them in pink, but not very often.  I also love blue and anyone who knows me knows I am crazy over the moon for green.

The girls will be four months in two weeks.  The four month-mark is always a big positive transition for any parent of young infants.  They will start lifting their heads which will eventually allow them to sit up with support like on a high chair or jumperoo.  And for many families, a time to start weaning or introducing solids.  They can get quite fussy during this time, especially if their first tooth is breaking through, but they also can be sleeping a whole lot more than usual.  I remember after Livia turned four months, the milestones came fast and furious and the next thing we knew she was a year old.  I think for us, having the girls control their heads is a big deal because we can start back-carrying them and this will allow us more mobility.  Three months cooped up at home is no joke!




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