2014 to Mar 2016

Seriously UP and seriously DOWN

If you ever feel like you’re losing at this motherhood thing, as sometimes I do.  Getting a kid potty-trained really makes you feel like you’re winning. The process of potty-training is such a DOWN moment, but the success of potty-training is a seriously UP moment.  That’s how fast parenting changes from hour to hour, day to day.  While I was googling about potty-training in the midst of potty-training, I came across a hilarious account of potty-training from a mommy blogger.  This particular part struck me:

Every instinct you have ever had about piss and shit will disappear. You will cheer. You will describe. You will admire. You will triumphantly walk that bowl of crap over to the toilet all together like it’s THE SHIT PARADE and this is the world’s greatest family bonding moment. (From Mommy Shorts)

I shared that quote with all my friends and I said, WE DID THAT.  We were glorifying every single tinkle and turd she did.  Of course the novelty wore off quickly too, and then I felt like a maid having to clean up every tinkle and turd she did.

I would say other UP moments I had as a mother the past two years were: giving birth of course, especially to the triplets; the first day they slept through the night; the first time Livia jumped into the water on her own and swam on her own (with a float of course); the first time Livia walked; the first time she said mummy and really meant mummy; the first time she kissed and hugged me; and she still hasn’t done this but the first time I’m waiting her to say I love you too.   I guess the first-times of most things are really the best.

The seriously DOWN moments were when she got hospitalised for a diarrhoea that got her so dehydrated; the first two months of bringing them home and adjusting to parenthood and always putting my needs behind theirs; when I get angry or disciplined her too harshly and the first two days of toilet-training….I must say there is not that many seriously down moments.  I always felt I could cope.  There hasn’t been a moment where I have totally surrendered.  Its been tiring but when they go to sleep at night and you look at their cherubic and peaceful faces, you smile again and the exhaustion from the day’s work melted away.

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