2014 to Mar 2016

Morning Monster

I am writing this at 2am and everyone is asleep except Lysbeth whose staring at me writing this. We are all getting some nice sleep at night but there are some nights, one girl or two, usually one, decides she shall burn some midnight oil with me.  Except you know what, she prefers to whine while she burns the midnight oil.  Sigh.  Its moments like this you inevitably wish there was only one baby.  And then they look at you so innocently with their chubbilicious cheeks and you feel bad for having such mean thoughts.

I’ve been putting them on their tummy lately and that keeps them occupied for a good while and its been working until they decide they prefer to flip.  So they’ve been flipping a lot one week before they are turning three months. Except Liora whose not flipped yet. My friend joked that Liora was too chubby to flip.  She is indeed the chubbiest of the lot even though in photos they all look equal in size.  The difference however is most apparent when they are in their birthday suits.

I am definitely going to be a morning monster when the first cry rings through the apartment.

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