2014 to Mar 2016


I love babywearing!  The first thing that came to my mind when I found out I was going to have the triplets was how disappointing it was that I cannot carry all three.  It turns out, there are ways to carry all three with a woven wrap and ring sling, but I’m not that extreme when it comes to babywearing.  I’m still trying to figure out how to carry two, let alone three.  When the girls are easier, we do plan to carry them on the front and back.  But now that they are still little, we just carry one at a time.  They settle really well in the day and night if you babywear them long enough.  And on extremely fussy days, just put them in the carrier and all goes quiet.  Currently we have 2 Boba 3Gs (the new Boba 4G is a lot better for infants and heavier toddlers), a Babasling Lite, and a Moby wrap.  I am still not sure whether to get a third Boba or a Tula when they are older.  The sling and wrap is just not meant for heavier babies, especially if you intend to carry them for awhile.  If you have a singleton, babywear them all the time.  You will really see a difference in their mood.


I know this look like the same kid, but its not. Top L to R Livia and Lysbeth. Bottom L to R Lucia and Liora.

2 thoughts on “Babywearing

  1. I’m in awe when I read your posts. You seem so calm….and that you have the time to write. I didn’t have the brain capacity or the time (lack of time management skills) to do that with just one. Congrats!

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