2014 to Mar 2016

Buddha Belly

This seems so trivial but I am not loving my belly.  I have excess skin hanging off me and its really off-putting.  I know that what I did is ah-may-zing, taking three babies to 36 weeks.  Plus I’ve been obese most of my adult life and never really had my belly bother me.  Its different with having a fatty belly, at least its firm.  Postpartum bellies after having multiples are loose and droopy.  I stopped looking at the mirror (and I don’t even look at the mirror that often before) because its just sad to look at it.  I’ve also lost all my pregnancy weight and 10kg more, likely from breastfeeding, so I’m slimmer.  Losing all that weight so quickly (I lost it in 3 weeks) might explain the excess skin.  I think I am now actually forced to look into proper strengthening and toning exercise and diet to get rid of the excess skin, which kind of sucks because I don’t really have the energy or time.  So I plan to do it really slowly and it might take as long as six months to a year.  My husband is very supportive and he thinks I look great and he will support me if I want to exercise, which means taking care of the kids so I can go out and walk or swim, whatever it is.  I’m not very disciplined though.  Taking care of four is a lot of exercise already but its not targeted training, specifically at my belly.  I am hoping daily reflections at the mirror will make me get up and move more.

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