2014 to Mar 2016

Videos for First time Parents and Parents of Multiples

When I was a first time mother, I watched a lot of documentaries and movies on babies and parenting.  When I was a first time mother of multiples, I continued watching a lot of videos on multiples, parenting multiples and C-sections.  If you are like me and like to pre-empt or understand better what’s going on with you by watching videos, here are some that I can recommend. For some videos, I can only post the trailers, but for others, I direct you to the full video.  You can find ways to download the full versions of the trailers and if you don’t know how just email me. There’s not much logical sense as to why I love these videos.   I just do and they’ve always stuck with me.  They somehow connect to me emotionally.  And they are funny and entertaining, so why not.

For first time parents, I recommend watching these:

Babies (2010)

What to Expect when You’re Expecting (2012)

Let’s Talk Parenting Taboos (2010)

Parenthood (1989) — the movie, not the TV series

For first time parents of multiples, I recommend these:

National Geographic: In the Womb Identical Twins (2007) — full video on Youtube

National Geographic: In the Womb Multiples (2007)

All of Julie Gillespie videos, which you can find here.  She is the author of Magical Multiple Moments: Parents of Multiples Share Stories and Advice on Raising Happy, Healthy Twins, Triplets, Quads and More! I have that book on Kindle, and its awesome.  She interviewed 250 parents of multiples, collated stats related to raising multiples and collected all sorts of insights and advices from these parents for other parents-to-be.  Its full of practical wisdom in being pregnant with multiples, and raising baby multiples up till they are of school-going age.

If you have cable TV in Singapore, you would know the Eve channel is a godsend, especially these days when families with multiples are commonly featured.  And of course, Modern Family. Someone needs to give birth to twins or triplets in that TV series already.

And if you really feeling super pregnant and need some distraction, you can’t go wrong with any 1990s Richard Gere films like my favorite, An Officer and a Gentleman.  I think I had that on re-run when I was alone and pregnant with Livia in New York. Ah, the young Richard Gere…

In another post, I will recommend books, articles and blogs if you’re more of a reader.

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