2014 to Mar 2016

Goodbye Newbornness

Suddenly the girls exploded in size.  I can feel it when I carry them (they feel bigger).  When I feel their heads (its a lot harder when it used to be quite soft), and when I cut their nails (its a lot easier). They have also upgraded from NB to Small diapers a month ago and they’ve also moved up in size to the 3-6 months onesies.  I had to put their NB onesies in a bag to pass it on to friends expecting Jubilee babies. I don’t plan to give them all away.  I intend to keep my favorite ones as keepsakes, like the very first dressy onesie that I got for Livia when I found out I was having a daughter.  Anyway, just look at these photos taken the second day they came home and today, just two months apart:


Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 1.15.17 am

They haven’t been to the polyclinic yet so its been awhile since they’ve been weighed, but I am guessing they are around the 5kg mark two weeks before turning 3 months old.  It feels like they have caught up despite being born a month early.  They are early or on track in terms of their milestones.  Right now they are trying to flip and raise their heads, which was the same as their eldest sister at two and half months.

They are getting a little bit more interactive.  Smiling, laughing, and responding with their eyes and showing interest in music, sounds and visuals.  Sometimes they make baby sounds, especially when they are trying to laugh but can’t really yet.  They are also awake a lot more which also means they need a lot more coaxing to get back to sleep.  Liora is really easy to put back to sleep but the identical twins need a lot of soothing.  I’m not complaining so much because they are still sleeping through the night, so I am fine about staying up all day if I that means I can sleep at night.  I’ve got so much to do in the day anyway.  Before this we were up ALL day and ALL night everyday.  I really felt I was on the edge of admitting myself into the mental health institute. These days we look longingly at their newborn photos, forgetting very quickly how much we hated every minute of it.

I think I can safely declare that they have shed their newbornness and can now be called infants. We are probably looking forward to a lot of key milestones in the next three months from holding up their head without assistance, flipping like burgers, crawling or rolling, attempts at sitting, babbling and maybe even standing.  Livia sat, crawled and stood by the time she was six months old, but walked at one years old almost like everyone else.  She also babbled and screamed a lot to test her voice and sound.  And then there’s also the introduction to solids between four to six months.  I’ll probably do it only at six or seven months but even then will still completely depend heavily on milk and treat solids as something fun to try.  I find solid-feeding totally troublesome.  We didn’t stick to it very long with Livia because by the time her first teeth emerged around nine or ten months, she was eating table foods (whatever we were eating that she could eat).  You can say we sort of jumped from milk to table foods.  We see no point in extending the troublesome puree and porridge phase if they could chew and swallow table foods, and so we kept it as short as possible.  So much to look forward to, but also so much we miss already.  But definitely not sleep deprivation.

Goodbye sleep deprivation.  I know you’ll revisit from time to time like when the girls are teething, or when they fall sick, but in the meantime, we are enjoying your absence.

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