2014 to Mar 2016

Port of Lost Wonder

I had a day-out with Livia because since she turned one, its been my wish to bring her to the beach.  I loved the beach as a child and spent many sunny days playing in the sand at several beaches all around Singapore and Malaysia.  People say that beaches in Singapore are not as pristine, but when you are a small kid you don’t really care about such things.  All you remember was the sun beating down your back, sitting at the edge of oncoming waves, making sandcastles, burying yourself in the sand, and the wonderful feeling of relief you get when you go in the salty water.

We live quite near East Coast and Pasir Ris beach but for some inexplicable reason we have never gone there.  We have always chosen to go to public swimming pools, which are very fancy these days with their playgrounds and sandy wave pools that mimic beaches.  So finally I brought Livia to Sentosa beach and we made a day of it.  I have not carried her in the Boba carrier since she was 14 months old (because I got pregnant and was told not to lift anything heavy), and now she’s 23 months old and my goodness, I almost toppled over.  But I had my new athletic sandals on and slowly got used to carrying her again.  It was really nice to babywear her like old times.  I felt a bit disconnected to her emotionally ever since the triplets burst into our lives, and we very much needed this mother-daughter day-out.  We did everything.  We played in the water, we played in the sand, we ran really quickly to escape the burning concrete ground, we ate a scrumptious lunch at Portbelly and sent pictures to daddy and wished he was there with us.

I had TOO much fun at the Port of Lost Wonder.  I accompanied Livia on the slides, but really, I just wanted to go down the slide over and over again for myself.  I think its been such a long time I felt the thrill of childishness.  Being a mother is serious business, and you are always postponing your needs and wants for your children, so it was nice for once to be a child, free of worries and responsibilities.   I also think its because I lost an immense amount of weight after I delivered the triplets.  I’ve always been obese for most of my adult life but after delivering four children and having to take care of them on my own the last two years, I’ve regained a lot of the youthful energy I lost to obesity.  Squatting, bending, jumping, running is no longer a challenge now. I’m not exactly thin, but I’m still losing weight everyday and feeling good about myself more and more.  I’m not on any special diets or exercise.  I am just moving more (which you inevitably have to do when you have four children) and cooking my own food and depending less on eating out.  The exhaustion I feel everyday is a good one: the sweating-out, hard labor, kind of exhaustion.

We were extremely disappointed to leave the Port of Lost Wonder but I had one last appointment at NUH with the Prof.  I always felt at home when I visit NUH.  Everyone says hi to me by my name, and asks how the triplets were doing, and can they see their photo?  I brought printed photographs of the triplets for the Prof, who reminded me at the last check-up that he wanted some photos for his baby wall. He was extremely pleased to receive the photos and discussed with the nurse about where was the best place to pin them.  I know he probably delivered a million babies, but being an OBGYN must be one of those really self-satisfying jobs to bring life into this world everyday, let alone three lives at once.  Given that this will be my last appointment and I am unlikely getting pregnant again, Prof Biswas and NUH will always have a special place in our hearts.

It will be a while more before I can bring Livia to the beach again.  It was really nice to come home from a long day and find my husband successfully putting the triplets down to sleep.  He said, I hope you had fun, gave me a kiss and went to bed.




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