2014 to Mar 2016


We brought the girls out for a walk and oh my god, just getting out of the door was a production. We carried one baby each and had one in the stroller, and Livia obviously walked, or ran more like.  It was just a really short walk to the playground on the opposite side of the road where we lived.  The girls were all really good and it was more or less peaceful until mosquitoes bit my husband and he’s like we better go home.  Somehow after this uneventful walk, the babies decided to sleep through the night.  I woke up several times throughout the night to check their breathing because I could not believe they were soundly asleep.  And this pattern went on until today.  So we have gotten a lot of sleep and feel the most relaxed we have ever felt since getting pregnant.  I feel so energised that I have been bringing Livia out to play and to try out new restaurants with my friends.  Usually I have no energy to go out.

They are sleeping about 6-8 hour stretches now, it should extend to 10-14 hours next month.  When I say sleep through the night, I mean they are completely asleep without a feed. This means that when they get up and during the day, they drink a lot more milk.  My breastmilk could still keep up since at night I get an extra one or two pumping sessions while they sleep.  I have also returned to breastfeeding somewhat.  Whenever there is a moment when they are all not too hungry and look relaxed, I breastfeed them directly and it hasn’t been too difficult to reintroduce them to the breast.  I read that babies need to be coaxed back into breastfeeding if they are used to bottle-feeding and if you force breastfeeding on them by keeping them hungry, they will completely reject the breast.  So I always make sure they are not terribly hungry when I breastfeed them and it seems to work.  But we still use formula when its convenient to do so.   Breastfeeding takes a lot longer than bottle-feeding.

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