2014 to Mar 2016

The Starting Line

So between childcare, cooking and bringing Livia out to play, I use the rest of my time for personal enrichment ie. reading too many interesting novels and articles, planning healthy and delicious family meals on a budget (they surprisingly take a lot of time), doing arts and crafts with Livia, meeting and connecting with real friends over really good food, and when I feel like it, looking at my stupid dissertation.  Yes, such great priorities I have.  My dissertation comes last.

These days when I look at the clock, I am truly shocked at how quickly the day goes (compared to my pregnancy when it felt like the time stopped).  So I will out of the blogging circuit for awhile and if you want to follow the growth of our girls, follow me or my husband on Instagram and for my friends, you should already be on mine or my husband’s FB (if you aren’t, feel free to add).  I will probably pen something if I really feel there’s something interesting to write about.  I’m not really one of those moms who blog about their children’s milestones.  That’s so blah.  When I read those, I go, so what?

I’ve been ambivalent about continuing to blog after giving birth.  I enjoy sharing details of our personal life but the question is to what extent when its such a public platform.  So its been difficult deciding what to add and what to hack.  I do, however, take personal notes for myself because I hope to churn out parenting articles when all is said and done in terms of raising my girls.  I feel like I am at the start line in parenthood, especially in parenting multiples and parenting a big family in a small city, and its hard to look ahead and reflect at what’s happening from where I stand.  So we’ll see.

Keep in touch xoxo.

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