2014 to Mar 2016

Same Same but Different

I feel like I never see my husband.  We live in a small apartment but we only really see each other for a few minutes or an hour or so for meals.  That’s because he’s either at work, or its his turn taking care of the girls and I’m sleeping.  At the beginning when we brought the girls home and he had paternity leave, we would tag-team and care for the girls, but once he returned to work, it fell into a shift pattern, where it was either him or me taking care of the girls on our own.  And whoever was off-duty would be resting in the next room.  We actually miss each other!  And it feels like a reunion when we get a chance to hang out together for a few hours.  I am sure this is a feeling only parents of multiples will get.

Two months in, the triplets still require our full undivided attention.  They are awake a little more than last month so we’ve been figuring out how to entertain them as a trio when they are awake and its proven to be a bit challenging.  So far our technique has been putting one in a bouncer and rocking that bouncer with our leg, carrying one and putting one or two near the musical toy to listen to songs. This works for like maybe 20 minutes at best and then they need to sleep. Now its not so easy where they fall asleep right after milk, they need some patting or to suck on their soothies to sleep, except the soothie keeps popping out so we play a game of popping back them in over and over until they sleep.  Around three months (or for them four months), I will be changing the soothies meant for newborns to pacifiers and they should pop out less.  Yes, we totally embrace soothies and pacifiers.  I was a bit apprehensive about them with baby Livia but we found these things to be super effective in getting babies to sleep through the night, and when they are feeling sick and whine all day and night, and anything that keeps us sane is a must.  Once when Livia had a hospital stay, a nurse passed by and picked up Livia’s pacifier and told me, “Pacifier is a MUST.” We restrict the pacifier for sleeping purposes but there are moments when you need a break in the day and nothing is making them stop fussing and the pacifier is an excellent mute button.  Livia returned us her pacifier around 18 months telling us she didn’t need it anymore for sleep.  She might be an exception, but I was prepared to let her have it till she was 3 because I read that it doesn’t affect the teeth until they turn 4.  The triplets will probably give theirs up sooner since they will see that their big sister doesn’t use it.   The soothies and pacifiers were one of the first things I bought on the baby shopping list, which reminds me I should update that list and reveal what items turned out to be good investments and what items were useless.

We have not used our Boba 3G carriers or our Bugaboo Bee stroller.  Mainly because we never go out!  I wanted to bring the girls out for a bit but its been raining a lot.  Every time we plan to bring them out, it pours.  So it hasn’t happened yet.  But Lysbeth has been sleeping in the Moby Wrap a lot because she finds it hard to sleep on her own, even with a soothie.  And my husband brings the girls to the doctor with the Baba sling for their vaccination. He finds the wrap too complex. Our friends keep sending us pictures of twin or triplet strollers that they see online for sale and they don’t understand how 1) they don’t fit in the boot of most regular taxis, 2) we will get ugly stares from the public if we use them in malls and public transport, and 3) there is simply no sidewalk wide enough in Singapore that can accommodate the size of a triplet stroller.  I admit I am one of those terrible people that give ugly stares to other people who have bulky, space-consuming strollers.  Unless the government redesigns this city, its just not stroller-friendly.

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