2014 to Mar 2016

Early Signs and Symptoms of a Multiple Pregnancy: My Story

I knew I was having an odd pregnancy and highly suspected twins just two weeks into the pregnancy. And this is all derived from my own feelings and a little bit of research.  The earliest sign was a positive ovulation stick two days in a row.  Typically it is only positive for 24 hours.  I read in a forum somewhere that the same happened to this woman and she ended up having fraternal twins because she had two ovulations one after another that caused the ovulation stick to remain positive for two days running.  I did not test past two days so who knows if it might have been positive the third day (it shouldn’t be).

The second earliest sign was a positive pregnancy test way before my period was due. They always say to wait for a missed period before taking a home pregnancy test.  I did not wait and took a pregnancy test a few days before my missed period.  My periods are very regular.  And it was a big fat positive!  I started growing suspicious by the second sign.  So I did a google search and typed in “early symptoms that you are carrying twins” and another early sign was to measure your heart rate. So I used an app on the phone to measure my heart rate and it was abnormal, but since it was an app and not a proper heart monitoring machine, I did not think much of it.

On hindsight, I also suspected I ovulated twice because both my sides ached pre-ovulation. Usually only one side ached.  I fell sick the month before and my ovulation test confirmed I wasn’t ovulating and I believed that maybe that egg that was supposed to be released that month did not and waited the following month, causing two eggs to be released the following month.  Of course, this is conjecture.

So far all the above signs all tell me I was having fraternal twins because they all are signs and symptoms of hyperovulation ie.  ovaries overstimulated to release more than one egg.  This inevitably leads to fraternal twins.  But I do not know of any early sign of symptom for knowing if your egg split, which leads to identical twins.  We actually did not have to wait long to confirm that we did have an identical twin in our triplet pregnancy because at the very first ultrasound at 7 weeks, the OBGYN could see very clearly that there were two embryos in one placenta.  A further ultrasound at 10 weeks confirmed that they were MoDi (monozygotic diamniotic) twins, meaning they shared a placenta (monozygotic) but had separate amniotic fluids sacs (diamniotic).  Altogether with the fraternal twin it was triamniotic (three separate amniotic fluid sacs).  It was crucial that every ultrasound technician confirmed this at every scan, and at my C-section surgery, my OBGYN confirmed this one last time before he cut into me.  It was important because there were risks associated with sharing placentas and there was a lot of ultrasound monitoring to be done throughout the pregnancy.

So if you had any of these signs of symptoms, maybe you are carrying multiples too!

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