2014 to Mar 2016

I want to go outdoors

We are officially having serious cabin fever.  I think its time the triplets see the outside world. Okay, not really much, just literally outside our apartment.  My husband works shifts so its been a bit tricky to do this.  Plus the weather has not been favourable.  Its been raining more than usual, and the kids are already quite sniffly.  It does not help to have Livia sneezing and coughing into their faces constantly.

I haven’t gotten used to the idea that going out now is always separately with the husband. I often plan in my head about places to eat and visit, and then stop myself because I realise, oh someone always has to be home to tend to the kids.  Even if the triplets are bigger, it will still be difficult to go out because going out with four kids will always be such a production.  A lot of pre-planning, pre-packing, and not to mention en masse meltdowns in public.  We’ve been there, and we’ve done that (with Livia).  We know what we are getting ourselves into if we want to go out with three babies. The only safe places to go where the whole world will not be staring at us and thinking omg are these parents crazy to go out with four small kids will be parks, beaches, and wide open places. Its a good thing my husband has off days on weekdays, which means empty malls, empty restaurants and fairly empty public transport.

Anyway, before dreaming big about going out somewhere further, let’s start with something nearer, like literally outside our door.

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