2014 to Mar 2016

Co-Sleeping with Four Kids

So Liora is finally asleep for the night and as the usual the identical twins, Lysbeth and Lucia, cannot decide if they had enough milk to join their fraternal twin sister in the cot.  They tend to sleep for awhile and ask for a bit of milk, and get up and ask for a bit more milk, and eventually feel full enough to pass out. But its hard to tell when they are finally full so we leave them on our bed until its obvious they are really asleep.   To date our family of six has been experimenting with a variety of sleeping arrangements, and this will continue until the newborns are big enough to sleep side by side with their older sister without us supervising.

We have two queen beds (one in each room).  Sometimes dad sleeps with Livia in the queen bed in the other room, while mom is with the triplets in the other queen bed.  Whoever sleeps with Livia obviously gets a more peaceful and longer sleep.  Sometimes mom, dad and Livia share the bed with the triplets, usually for shorter naps.  Sometimes, there’s only one triplet on the bed while the other two are in the cot.  Sometimes only one is in the cot and the rest are on the bed. Whoever is in deep sleep usually gets transferred to the cot.  The triplet which has trouble sleeping tends to stay on the bed so its easier for mom or dad to access them for soothing purposes.  If we have to go to the toilet or answer the doorbell or cook in the kitchen, the triplets go in the cot regardless of how fussy they are because Livia is on the loose.

I remember having different styles with sleeping arrangements with Livia. We co-slept but we kept changing our bed styles.  We started with a framed bed and a cot, and then we got rid of the frame and the cot and had a mattress on the floor, and then we brought the sofa bed in when I got pregnant and combined the sofa bed with the mattress on the floor. It seems that as the kids grow and change, so did the sleeping arrangements and I guess its the same situation for many co-sleeping families.  We figured there was no point in getting fancy bedding until they were at least three because between now and then, they were going to pee, poo, vomit, bring food and drinks, stain, sweat, etc on the bed.

Co-sleeping works for some families but not others.  We tried so many sleeping arrangements by now that we found that the best one is when everyone sleeps together.  We are not sure when the children are ready to sleep independently.  Livia has started sleeping independently for nap-times but she still hasn’t gotten used to sleeping on her own at night.  We figured they are small only for awhile, and with the triplets growing together at the same pace, it will seem that our kids are growing much quicker than compared to families whose four kids are spaced out several years.  With singletons you get to enjoy their moments individually and slowly over several years, but with multiples, time is compressed as the three girls will be experiencing each developmental milestone at the same time.  I was telling my husband that it doesn’t make sense to say that I have a third or fourth child, when really I have a first child and second child that so happens to be triplets.

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