2014 to Mar 2016

Two Weeks

What a difference a week makes.

My legs have returned to normal.  I am so relieved.  I really felt I had to endure tree trunks for feet for another 8 weeks. Most of the water has left my body, leaving a very sore and flabby overall feeling.  And I lost as of today, 25kg.  I was shedding about 3-5kg per night when the water started leaving my body.  Drinking and retaining so much fluid kept the triplets in so far along the pregnancy but it was also the greatest source of pain.

I’m still getting a lot of help from the husband to take care of the girls.  Its such a different situation this time round compared to Livia’s time.  With Livia, I was showing my husband the ropes on caring for a baby and a newborn, but this time round he taught me how to juggle multiple newborns and a toddler.  He would tell me, if I’m not around, this is what you do.  A lot of times I faltered and I’ll scream for him and tell him I’m hopeless, what do I do?  He always knows what to do.  When I leave him with the girls to go for my hospital check-ups, people ask me, he can handle the girls all on his own? They have no idea he’s been taking care of us single-handedly since I got pregnant and with me recovering from the Caesarean, he took over care of  the newborns too.  I did very little the past 2 weeks, and a lot more sleeping.  I stayed up maybe 2 nights, but he’s stayed up all the other nights.  He’s hoping with him easing back into full-time work, I’ll slowly learn to cope, and I think that’s a good strategy rather than just jumping straight into work.  He’s consuming a lot of leave as he helps me transition.  He’s a bit worried if he returns to work too soon, I might fall into depression.  So far its been going smoothly, and everyday I feel more confident.  Of course, there are many difficult moments, but we have accumulated a lot of tricks up our sleeves by now. He told me that if it really gets bad, just put on earphones and breathe.

The girls are steadily putting on weight.  They are getting chubby much quicker than I thought.  They are still demanding milk every 1-2 hours, but we expect them to be sleeping 3-4 hours after this week now that they are growing out of the prematurity.  Somedays, its Livia that can be difficult.  Our daily routine is being redefined and her meals and sleep times have gotten erratic and that’s made her more irritable than usual. I’m hoping once the husband gets back to work, things will fall into a routine for Livia again.


Triplets 2 weeks

During my last check-up at NUH, a substitute OBGYN retook my blood pressure, which they worried about.  The Prof is still on leave.  She looked through my file and went:  Did you do IVF?  No.  Spontaneous ah (eyes wide open)! Yes.  Wow. And you took them to 36 weeks?! Ya.  And I have another daughter at home.  Superwoman this one she says to the assisting nurse.  It’s been a while since I had a medical staff give me a response like that.  I guess my medical marvel days are over.  Although it was painful, its been an interesting experience shocking and surprising people left and right.

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