2014 to Mar 2016

Where are my Legs?

So I had my first postpartum outburst and it wasn’t pretty.  It was over the water retention in my legs.  I was very fed up how much it prevented me from functioning fully.  I sobbed and told my husband that I am not ready to take care of the girls if my legs continue to be like tree trunks (and considering I’ve been walking with these tree trunks for ages and I expected them to heal by now).  He kept telling me to be patient and that the recovery process takes time.  But all I could think was how am I going to have to do this by myself when he returns to work soon?  After sobbing for an hour,  we decided that he will return to work for awhile and take 3 more leave days, so that he can have a 5 day long weekend to help me out.

I also took out my stitches at NUH and it was kind of painful but nothing I couldn’t handle.  The nurses were surprised how I have already slimmed down tremendously.  To date I’ve lost 13kg, with 7kg more to go.  With Livia I was back to my normal body within a week so its slightly longer this time round but I think still pretty quick considering how big I was before.  It feels great to be light and thinner except for the sore underbelly.  Other than the healing incision, the nurses also noticed my underbelly had bad abrasions and I didn’t even know it at all.  All I knew was that it was severely painful during the pregnancy and I couldn’t figure out why because it was blocked by my humongous pregnancy bump. I think the abrasions came from rubbing against my thigh constantly because my tummy just grew that big. Anyway, it should return to normal by the end of the month.  Even though I can take off my binder that was protecting my incision, I’m still wearing it to protect my abrasions.  Its still pretty sore and anything that bumps into it hurts so a layer of protection helps.

I also complained to the doctor taking over Prof’s patients (he was on leave) about my legs and how much discomfort it caused me and she assured me it will go down eventually, but she wanted to take my blood pressure as a precaution. Turns out my blood pressure was off the charts. They wanted to hospitalise me to be monitored and I said is that really necessary, I don’t have any other symptoms except swelling discomfort which is pretty normal.  So they compromised and gave me a low dosage of blood pressure meds to bring the blood pressure down and told me to take a lot of rest.  She said it might be from exhaustion.  I went home and took the meds and effectively passed out for many hours.  My husband had already been taking care of the kids since 5am and he had to continue taking care of them without a break till 10pm so that I can rest. For some reason that same night, I’m not sure if my blood pressure went down but the swelling has started to go down slowly.  Its still swollen but its starting to decrease and hopefully by the time I go for my next appointment at NUH, its completely down.  I have a suspicion that I am so angry and mad at my legs feeling like tree trunks that its made my blood pressure rise.

The girls are still on the same feeding and sleeping schedule and that allows some sleep in between.  They had a growth spurt today and wanted feeding almost every hour.  At this point, I’m breastfeeding, pumping and giving formula because they demand it 8-12 times a day and I have to pull out whatever I have to give.

Hopefully the next time I blog, my legs and blood pressure are back to normal.  I don’t understand women who get C-sections one after another. The recovery is quite a torment.  Everyone told me how they could not walk, move or bend from their belly incision.  I have already been walking, moving and bending since I got home.  Yesterday officially, I could completely bend down with no pain and its only 9 days since the operation. However, no one told me about the swelling. The belly incision was really nothing in my case, it was the water retention (edema) that really caused great pain.

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