2014 to Mar 2016

Excitement is Not the Right Adjective

Had the surgery not been postponed, the babies would have arrived in this world tomorrow.  But I have another 24 hours to rest.  In the meantime, I am slightly annoyed when people message me and ask me, “Are you excited!?”  I am not sure how to describe my emotions but they are far, far from excitement.  Trepidation yes.  Worry yes.  Exhaustion yes. Confusion yes.  Overwhelmed yes.  Excited no.  I have thought a lot about this moment and I am still not sure how I will react when presented with three human beings that just came out of my uterus.  Maybe I’ll cry.  Maybe I’ll be looking for genetic recognitions.  Maybe I’ll just go blank.  The one thing that has been encouraging is to know my husband will be holding my hand in the operating room.  There was uncertainty at first if he was allowed to be with me but the Prof says, the operating theatre will be crowded anyway, so what’s one more person?  He is so cool that way.  If I am put under general anaesthesia and rendered unconscious in the event the epidural does not go as smoothly, he is not allowed in the operating room, but then what’s the point since I am unconscious anyway.  I will be keen to hear his version of what he saw.

Today was a lot more bearable than the day before.  I think because there was only 2 contractions today.  I also went to the hospital to do blood testing for the surgery.  The nurses all know me as the triplet mom by now and they said its really rare for a mom to bring triplets to 36 weeks and wished me all the best for Wednesday.  Then I decided to go for lunch on my own and relished being by myself for a little.  Then the legs started feeling like tree trunks again and I trudged home via taxi.  Once I got home, I went into slumber till dinner time.  My husband is officially on leave from work for two weeks and he, too,  took the opportunity to sleep the entire day.  Livia, however, refused to sleep and we both woke up to a room turned upside down.  She even smeared my leave-in hair condition on her daddy’s body and my husband slept through it.   When he got up, she was flinging the diaper she was wearing like a cowboy.  TODDLERS~

I know our world is about to change the day after tomorrow.  I did my part in carrying the girls to term.  My only wish is that their birth goes smoothly and they are perfectly healthy.  I am looking forward to their first cries.  I still remember Livia’s very well as if it was just yesterday.

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