2014 to Mar 2016

False Alarm

Today I thought I went into labor.

We were heading out to the hospital for my last routine check-up and just as we were about to leave, I was seized with pain on the left side of my tummy.  It was so bad, I had to sit.  At first I thought it was a sprain and my husband said, maybe we should stay home and I said what if there’s something wrong?  So I steeled myself to get up and we walked down to get a taxi and all that while, feeling piercing pain only on my left.  I teared a little, it was that painful.  When we got settled into the taxi, I breathed in and out calmly as we reached our destination.  The moment I got to the registration counter, I told them I was in pain and whether I could see the Prof immediately. They said it was an hour wait!  But they will let him know that I’m in pain. A nurse then came by and asked me to rate my pain and I said it was a 6 and then they hooked me up to a CTG machine to see if I was having uterine contractions.  Sure enough, I was contracting and quite closely but the contractions began to taper off and by the time they took me off the machine, it completely stopped.  It was my turn to see the Prof then and he studied my CTG chart and said yes you are having contractions but we don’t know if this is a once-off thing or its going to evolve into labor and told me to hang around the hospital for a few hours after my appointment to make sure my contractions didn’t return.  He thinks my enormous weight is causing the contractions.  I actually weighed myself twice because I could not believe how much weight I put on the last two weeks.  Typically I’d put on 0.5kg per week or less, but this time round I was putting on 2kg per week.  It figures why I always feel like buckling when I stand from a sitting position – its truly heavy.  He got me to lie down on the examination table and prodded my stomach to see whether it was hardening and noticed that there was a thick layer of rubbery skin at my underbelly which I said is very painful and he explain its all from the water retention.   He checked their heartbeats and said they are more or less staying put in their current positions and seemed to be doing okay.

We stayed in the hospital for quite a while and got some lunch and then my husband had to go to work and it was about 2 hours and the contractions didn’t restart so I figured it was all right to return home.   When I got out of the taxi to go home, I felt like buckling again from the weight and really had to push myself to stand and walk home.  It was a combination of the weight and the exhaustion from feeling contractions earlier.  The rest of the afternoon was pretty miserable – Livia did not want to take a nap, I was having a headache and feeling really tired and both my legs were stiff and hard from water retention and walking, but by evening time, I felt okay again.

The contractions still come and go but they are far apart.  I wonder whether I’ll be able to make it till Wednesday.

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