2014 to Mar 2016

An Extremely Difficult Finish

Its the last week of pregnancy and the girls are not letting me have it easy. My weight increased by quite a jump and the lower extremities of my belly is extremely swollen.  When Livia tries to hug me there (she has made it a habit to hug her sisters who are in my belly), it is sensitive to her touch and I wince.  On top of a very swollen belly, I have extremely swollen feet which does not seem to improve with massages.  The swollen feet, more than the belly, is the main root cause for my lack of sleep.  And also, dear old pregnancy rash decides to return.  I told my husband he had to stay home today because I haven’t slept for two days and I needed rest badly. He called his workplace to take leave and spent the day massaging me and taking care of Livia, and I did manage to get some sleep which improved my temperament.  I have basically resigned myself to bed rest, which isn’t any more comfortable either.

I told my husband that in a perfect world, there should be a short interval of space where mothers get to go on holiday before receiving their born baby and starting another round of madness.  I’ve been repeating the mantra, “The days are long but the years are short” and one day (probably 6 days from now) I shall look back and forget all the pains and only remember the nostalgia of pregnancy.  How deceiving memories are to those who are ageing.

6 more days!

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