2014 to Mar 2016

We Made it to the 35th Week

We are at the beginning of the 35th week. How incredible it is to make it so far.  I’m still going out and being active, though more like in an old person kind of way, taking my time with things and walking very slowly. The house is cleaned and ready, thanks to the husband.  Livia knows a baby is coming, but I think she will be very surprised to know there are three.

I don’t really have much to add at this point.  I think I’ve blathered enough about my pains and headaches.  I’ve been trying to put off thinking about the surgery because I will just make it into this scary thing in my head and I will be drugged during the procedure so there’s no reason to obsess about it mentally.  I had my hair cut and I’ve taken bathing to a whole new level – bathing several times a day because I know that will be such a luxury later on and trying to enjoy some peace and quiet.  I am really trying to enjoy sleep but its really tough with such a big belly.

Here’s to hopefully an un-dramatic week because the girls are only arriving the following week.

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