2014 to Mar 2016

Last Detailed Scan: 33 Weeks

So we have reached the last detailed scan, and the term detailed is misleading. The sonographer was confused the entire hour, which baby was which Twin?  First the babies were in a stacking formation, and she measured them and before she was done, they decided to change and aligned themselves next to each other.  That confused her and she had to restart measurements all over again.  Then again few minutes later, they decided to do a triangle formation and she had to re-measure AGAIN.  I guess when they are older, I should send them for synchronised swimming.

The poor sonographer had a backache when she was done with me. And she called the Prof in because one of the identical twins – the same one every week – was difficult to measure.  The Prof said as long as they were growing, exact measurements were pointless this late in the pregnancy.  While she continued to scan me he said, “So what do you think about 10 Sept?” I was like what?  He explained he had 3 back-to-back Caesarean sections on 9 Sep and he felt together with me 6 babies in one day was a bit too much!  I said, sure anything, its just only one day more.  So it seems we are going for 10 Sept now.  I can’t be sure, he might alter the date again.  But we are definitely not going beyond 36 weeks.

The calculations came back after what was a really long scan and fraternal twin and one identical twin were measuring above average, but the usual smaller twin remained 300g smaller.  I am confident that the other two who were weighing well will probably not need NICU but I cannot say for the smaller twin.  It really depends when we see her because these are all estimations and with identicals the estimations are way more off.  I hope for the best.  I am slightly worried, but if the Prof is not worried, I think I shouldn’t.  I’m drinking milk like crazy at this point.

The sonographer praised me for being so strong. She said its unbelievable I could push myself up from a laying position and I said I do this at least 10 times a night.  Apparently she had scanned a twin mother earlier in the day, and the poor woman could not keep still from backache and it was hard to scan her.  I am a little amazed to be able to go about normally at this point.  It is very, very painful and the weight my hip is carrying is enormous (around 6kg at this point), but being on bedrest does not alleviate much pain at all.  Sleep also causes a lot of pain.  I found alternating between standing, sitting, walking and laying down was the best.   I think my genes and/or physical body are very well-suited for childbearing – a long line of women before me bore countless kids, though there were no multiples in the family.  But each family had on average 4-6 children. There are least 3 families with more than 8 children and my grandmother herself bore 12. Having just 1 or 2 kid is very rare. All of them worked all the way up to delivery, not taking a break.

I might not update much from this point because there’s lots of little things at home to do to prepare for the triplets.  And after delivery, it might be some time before I blog again.  If you are too lazy to check in every few days, you can check in on Oct 2014, I should have their birth update and whatever else in between by then.

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