2014 to Mar 2016

Why NUH for a High-Risk Pregnancy?

I noticed a lot of readers of my blog chanced upon the blog after googling about KKH, NUH, and Prof Biswas. I guess they might be experiencing some dilemma and/or difficulty in their pregnancy and are doing research just like I did when I was at a crossroads myself.  For these readers all I can say is if you have a very high-risk pregnancy, or you need a second opinion to your pregnancy (if you received a negative opinion by your previous gynae or caregiver), or you need a caring doctor who will see you through a very difficult pregnancy, I cannot sing enough praises for NUH and their team, and especially Prof Biswas who specialises in high risk pregnancies.  He is not only a respected scholar in maternal foetal medicine, he has extensive experience in dealing with difficult pregnancies and on top of it all, he has a personal touch.

Also, Prof Biswas works in the private wing and only deals with private patients in NUH but because so many of his private patients have difficult and complicated pregnancies, its not uncommon for them to downgrade to subsidy if problems occur during the pregnancy.  This is to help them save on financial costs.  Despite this, he is known to keep them in his care despite them moving out of the private class to subsidy.  Besides he is the Head of the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department so he effectively supervises all the gynaes. I feel very assured to know that he is following through with my pregnancy from beginning to end.  And I have been assured by nurses that he will do this.

Except for the time we were told in KKH that one of our triplets was a high risk for Down’s Syndrome (in NUH, their scan produced a lower risk assessment), we had a more or less smooth pregnancy.  We continue to have a bit of fear in the back of our mind that one of the triplets might have a problem, but so far the ultrasounds have not shown any problems.  Prof Biswas, however, kept vigilant in monitoring the triplets frequently. He even supervises and checks on the sonographers who handles his patients and also participates in the scanning himself.  I thought this is fairly normal for gynaes to do but in KKH, no gynae had ever scanned me.  My gynae in KKH depended on paperwork produced by the sonographers who did all the scanning and tabulations.  While I saw Prof Biswas every 2 weeks, irrespective whether the triplets had problems or not, I only saw my gynae at KKH once a month.   I felt like she didn’t care, she was absent and she was not treating my pregnancy like a high-risk pregnancy.  I might be wrong but this was what I felt when I was at KKH.  So I was glad I did not wait and immediately changed hospitals and doctors, and things were really a lot better since.

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