2014 to Mar 2016

Cloth Diapers Settled

My cloth diapers are all settled, if anyone is keeping track.  I might have invested a few hundred dollars in them but its still going to be way cheaper than ripping through one pack of disposables a day when the triplets arrive.  A  mother of triplets in Singapore told newspaper reporters that she spends about $900 a month for disposable diapers and formula milk.    Since formula is about $70 (and if she buys three tins its around $210) most of the money per month went into buying disposable diapers!  My cloth diapers that will be used for three years (with 12 of them already used for 1.5 years) cost a lot less than that. Even if we were to count electricity and water for laundering it will barely reach $30 a month in terms of monthly cost.

When we started diapering Livia, we started with disposables and noticed they lasted a week at most for a newborn, and by the time she was 4 months, they lasted 3 weeks, then by 6 months, they lasted a month.  Then we started cloth diapering after her serious diarrhoea episode and we found we only needed 1 pack of disposables every 2-3 months.  Nowadays we barely buy them but we keep a pack on hand just in case of emergencies when we head out.

Thank you Aunties LC, IG and AT for the cute and colourful Charlie Banana, Alva, Bumgenius Freetime and Willow & Sage one-sized cloth diapers.  That is on top my old collection of Bumgenius 4.0s and the new Flip diapers I just bought.  In total I have 31 cloth diapers, but Flip diapers can be continually re-used with each change of inserts or nappy so its a lot more actual usage than 31 times.  Together with my prefold nappies and extra inserts, it should be enough for three little girls and one toddler in the midst of being toilet-trained.  They are all currently being put to the test by Livia and so far its been working very well, and hopefully, we’ll be cloth diapering 100% when the triplets arrive and not have to use disposables ever.  Okay never say never, disposables are super convenient in certain situations.

This is just half of it.

This is just 1/3 of the collection

I have to say the Bumgenius Freetime is my favourite.  Simply because I don’t have to do any work in putting in and removing inserts.  So if money is not a problem, I totally recommend these.  I also found micro fibre inserts to be the most absorbent and comfortable for the bum.  I hope they remain in good condition when the babies are all toilet-trained and it would be so lovely to pass all my diapers on to another cloth diapering enthusiast.

We’ve also been testing swim cloth diapers called Bummis for Livia to wear while in the pool because in Singapore, swimming disposable diapers are really expensive.  She used to wear Zogg reusable swim diapers but grew out of them recently.  Both Bummis and Zogg swim diapers retain pee and poo (she poo-ed once in the swimming pool) very well in water and do not get bloated and its so easy to wash it down the toilet.  I reckon they make good toilet-training underwear as well.

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