2014 to Mar 2016

Hot and Heavy, and Not in the Sexy Way

My threshold is lowering to “I cannot take it anymore”.  The belly is SO, SO heavy. What’s worst than an enormous, gigantic belly is a hardened enormous, gigantic belly.  The tightening feeling has gotten frequent and it really hurts.  I have taken to placing a muslin cloth below my belly button to ease the painful stretch marks there, especially when sleeping and sitting.  I’ve never had stretch marks there but its because I have never gotten this huge.  And the girls are SO,SO kicky. And I am just exhausted through and through.  I have days like this but they don’t last for days and I think this might be it from now on.  I have to power through the last leg and dig up whatever will I have left.

I don’t usually complain if I have to get on my feet but this time I really do.  I go ughh everytime I get up, and as I walk I am making all these whiny noises.  I told my husband, no more grocery runs, no more going out, no more swimming, no more anything.  I just want to lie down and sleep. I don’t even feel like eating but I have to.  I lost a kg recently from a diminishing appetite – I know its not good.

The girls won’t get weighed again until Week 33.  But I am expecting them to weigh in at 6kg total although it feels like 100kg.  This coming Monday is the start of Week 32.  For those unaware, MOST triplets are born in Week 32.  Its not really full-term but for triplets it is. Making past Week 32 is a bonus and less time spent staying in NICU.  We want to TRY make it to Week 35-36 because that’s when babies develop the sucking reflex to breastfeed or take a bottle and probably do not need to stay in NICU at all, if there are no other complications.

Its National Day tomorrow, which means its exactly a month left to go before my scheduled C-section.  It sounds like it will flash by quickly, but everyday really feels like an eternity.  Its worst that I have no energy to go out because spending time on the bed feels like the clock has stopped.

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