2014 to Mar 2016

One of Those Really Bad Days

Today was pure insanity.  I only got 2 hour sleep the night before because the mackerel I had for dinner just wouldn’t digest fully and I was gassy the entire night.  Then in the morning, my husband put a sleeping Livia on my bed (we sleep separately now because I just need a lot more space).  She kicked me the entire morning, and I guess after 2 hours she finally got tired and fell asleep.  Then she woke up again and had her milk and breakfast and went to play on her own. Everything was as it is until noon and she just won’t stop crying and fussing.  This is very unusual of her.  She kept showing me her leg and I realised there were insect bites all over her limbs and the itchiness was making her frustrated.  I tried my best to stop the itchiness – we bathed, I applied lotions, baking soda, you name it everything I could find from the internet I tried but the girl was inconsolable.  I also cleaned their bedroom to figure out the source of the insect bites.  And I was only running on 2 hours of sleep the night before and my tummy kept hardening, making me really uncomfortable.  I somehow managed to withstand the crying until mid-afternoon when my husband was clocking off work and I called him that he needed to take a taxi home immediately, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  When he got home, I cried. I said I’m so tired.  Livia was in a much better mood when her dad got home and he took care of her, although the crying continued on and off the rest of the night until she fell asleep.  It turns out there was a dead lizard in the room under the bed, and for some reason that must have caused bites from I don’t know what.  It took 3 hours at night before she was finally overcome by exhaustion.  At some points, she was so hysterical, it looked like she was possessed.  We haven’t seen this side of her since she was a baby.  When she gets hysterical, which is rare, we feel so entirely helpless because nothing helps.  Everyone is asleep now except me, and I want to sleep badly, but once again I am waiting for all the gases accumulated from dinner to dissipate.

Livia has had serious diarrhoea, fevers, flus, and there were many of such sleepless nights, but really the worst is when they are itchy.  You can apply lotions and medications galore but they usually only temporarily stop the itching.  One can only hope for the itch to go away eventually, which it usually does on its own.  We found air-conditioning help set the mood for sleepiness.

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