2014 to Mar 2016

What I Hate Right Now

  1. Having lunch and dinner separated into different sittings because i get so full after a few bites.
  2. Heartburns and acid refluxes from hell every few hours; even if I haven’t eaten.
  3. Loving soda too much.
  4. Pelvic aches that lasts the whole day if I sleep flat – my body automatically slides down flat unconsciously during sleep.
  5. The toilet and me are too BFF.
  6. Not being able to be in an upright position for too long, whether sitting or standing.
  7. Waiting 3-4 hours after dinner before I can sleep to clear all gases.
  8. Progesterone injections every Sunday.
  9. Having to think twice, thrice about whether I have the energy to go out.
  10. Not being able to drink Frappucino and Bacardi Breezer (I don’t drink alcohol actually but want it badly when I’m pregnant).
  11. Terrible, rubbery, hard and painful stretch marks right under belly button.  Never gotten these before.
  12. Having to protect my tummy from Livia.
  13. When the triplets are playing soccer ie. kicking me all at the same time.
  14. The second time round I am missing out on Durian season.  Durian gives me terrible and smelly gases.
  15. Being over-dependent on the husband.

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