2014 to Mar 2016

Countdown from 31 Weeks

As I get heavier by the day, I’m getting more things done anticipating that either I can’t move much later or I am suddenly rushed to hospital. Family and friends who visited say I am looking damn good.  They expected me to look uhm horrible?  I do feel horrible sometimes inside but if I can go out and see family and friends, then I must be feeling good.

So I’m getting the hospital bag ready (bringing a luggage trolley this time round), I’ve unpacked things needed for the fourth trimester (the first three months of a newborn’s life), doing some light spring-cleaning, arranging a roster of friends to rotate caring for Livia during our hospital stay, and my baby shopping is done.  I’ve already read up everything that I could have read up on preemies and what to expect with multiple newborns.  My husband is doing research for the girls’ Chinese names so we should have that ready soon.  We have decided on their names quite long ago and have affixed them to each baby based on their position, but we haven’t given them Chinese characters. We just sent each other emails back and fro and already got the girls’ names all confused.  My husband says oh so name of Twin A is fraternal and I say no that’s Twin C and he said but in the email you say its Twin A.   Oh dear, if we can’t even get it right at this point, imagine all the confusion that awaits us later.

I am not sure why NUH has not asked me to pre-register for admission or given me financial counselling about the best ward to choose for our budget.  I remember this was done pretty early on at TMC.  Maybe its different at public hospitals?

So I’d like to think that we are more or less ready at home.  I think.  I would love to have the house thoroughly spring-cleaned by professional home-cleaners closer to delivery date.

The belly is getting extremely heavy.  My husband says it looks like a dinosaur egg.  Livia has learnt to call my tummy ‘mei mei’ (little sister) and she likes to pat it.  But I believe she is still very unaware she is getting three little sisters.  She knows how to count and we tell her there are three mei meis but I don’t see any recognition from her that she fully understands.  But kids are pretty sensitive and maybe she does know but doesn’t really show it.  She isn’t needy or jealous yet – we have tried our very best to keep her to the usual routine the entire pregnancy.  It will be difficult to keep up with it when the babies come home and we are very curious how she will respond to the transition. Not all children become insanely jealous, it really depends on their personality.  Of course we hope she responds to it positively but we are prepared if she might need some time to adjust.  We have suspended potty-training until we believe she’s doing well with the transition.

Anyway, 5 more weeks!

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