2014 to Mar 2016

Flip Diaper Covers are Ingenious

(The post below will make no sense if you have never cloth diapered).

We received for free second-hand flat cloth nappies from my husband’s cousin today.  It was like A LOT. We have been using  modern pocket cloth diapers all this while and was not familiar with super traditional cloth nappies.  I didn’t even know how to fold traditional cloth nappies because our cloth diapers are so modern that they came pre-folded and work a lot like disposables (except you don’t dispose them, you throw them in the washer). So I did some YouTube searches on how I can combine these flat nappies with modern cloth diapers.  Why do I even need to combine them you ask?  Well, I figured if you can put these flat cloth nappies into the covers of modern cloth diapers, then I have a winner.  My problem with both separate systems are:

1.  Traditional flat cloth nappies are complicated and too time-consuming to fold.  There is the triangle fold, origami fold etc etc.  Who the hell has time to fold them into these complicated patterns!

2. Modern pocket cloth diapers are crazy expensive.  One cloth diaper is freaking $25.  I currently have 18 and I need another 20-30 at the very least.  I can’t afford to buy another 20-30 (that’s like at least $300-$500).

3.  You cannot reuse the covers of pocket modern cloth diapers.  Once its soiled or urinated on, you have to toss the entire thing into the laundry, both the cloth insert and the diaper cover, which is the reason you need quite a lot of them in rotation – about 10 per day for newborns, and another 10 for the next day if you don’t want to launder them immediately.  That’s 20 just for one newborn baby.

So I did research, thinking there must be a cheaper and more efficient way to cloth diapering.  I already have the cloth nappies, so all I needed basically were waterproof covers to contain these cloth nappies.

It was then, I discovered Flip Cloth Diaper Covers. Omg these things are brilliant. How did I not come across these earlier!  Basically with the flip system, you only needed to purchase only 1-4 cloth diapers (compared to 20).  And they only cost $10 per diaper cover.  Why?  This mom on youtube showed how you could simply fold traditional cloth nappies into rectangular folds (very easy to fold, no complicated patterns) and tuck them into the Flip Cloth Diaper cover easily.  When the traditional cloth nappy is soiled or wet, you simply had to take out the cloth nappy to be laundered, wipe down the Flip waterproof cover and it can be reused immediately! So you can go through a whole day using the same Flip Cloth Diaper cover. After one day, you simply need to wash the Flip Cloth Diaper under a tap and dry it out and it can be used again the next day once its dry.  Since its waterproof, its bound to dry very fast.  Check out the youtube video below here:

I basically only need to buy 6 Flip Covers (2 in rotation for each baby).  I didn’t need additional cloth nappies since my husband’s cousin provided us with so many already.  So I only need to spend about $60. Obviously if I only had the one child, I only needed to spend $20 for 2. That is way cheaper than buying modern pocket cloth diapers.  I mean you still need to consider the cost of buying traditional cloth nappies, but those come extremely cheap.  Or you can spend a bit more and buy inserts.  There are all sorts of inserts these days that you can choose from: microfibre, organic, cotton, list goes on.

I think the Flip system is awesome for home use but maybe not so practical for going out (well I haven’t tried them outdoors yet, I’ll re-review once I have).  We have headed out with the modern pocket cloth diapers and they work quite well.  So maybe I might shift the modern pocket cloth diapers more for outdoors use.

P.S:  Bumrite Diapers are currently selling Flip Cloth Diaper covers at a discounted price for $9.95 for the Hook-and-Loop closure ones.  Usual price is actually $14.95.

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