2014 to Mar 2016

Shopping Check-List for NB Triplets

All in SGD prices, some I estimated and rounded to nearest figure.

  • Moby Wrap: $50
  • Baba Lite Sling: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Boba 3G Baby Carrier for dad to babycarry: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Second Boba 3G Baby Carrier for mom to babycarry: $105
  • Bugaboo Bee stroller: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Burp cloths: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Towels: Pre-loved from Livia
  • 2 Aden+Anais Muslin Swaddles: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Extra Summer Muslin Swaddles: $31
  • Baby tub: Pre-loved from Livia
  • 12 Bumgenius 4.0 Pocket Cloth Diapers: Pre-loved from Livia
  • 6 Charlie Banana One Size Cloth Diapers: Gift from Auntie LC
  • 3 Bumgenius Freetime Cloth Diapers: Gift from Auntie IG
  • 6 Flip Diaper Covers and 12 Stay-Dry Inserts: $130
  • 50 Flat Cloth Nappies: Pre-loved from a cousin
  • Milkbar Breastfeeding Pillow for twins: $99
  • Boppy Pillow: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Baby Rocker: Pre-loved from husband’s colleague (we only have 1 so they can take turns)
  • Diaper changing pad: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Additional IKEA diaper changing pad: $14
  • Clothes:  Pre-loved from Livia and gifts from friends and family
  • Additional clothes from Old Navy, Macy’s and H&M new born till 2 years old: $500
  • Elomi nursing bra: $100
  • Nursing cover for nursing outdoors: Pre-loved from friends
  • Re-usable Avent nursing pads and breastshields: Pre-loved from Livia and friends
  • Breastmilk storage system: Pre-loved from Livia and gift from friends
  • Ameda Purely Yours breastpump: $299
  • 10 Avent and Playtex milk bottles with slow and fast flow nipples: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Missing milk bottle parts: $30
  • Bottle sterilizer: Pre-loved from cousin
  • 2 Bottle warmers: Pre-loved from Livia and friends
  • Soothers x4 : $20
  • Baby playgym: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Dryer: $500
  • Baby toys: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Baby books: Pre-loved from Livia
  • Medical home kit (phelgm sucker, thermometer etc.): Pre-loved from Livia

Total expenditure: $1878 (USD1500) — the $13,000 leftover after medical expenses from the Baby Bonus cash gift will be used to pay/reimburse for all the above expenses.  

For triplets, I think this is pretty decent!  And you start to see how more kids = economies of scale as many things can be passed down.  Of course the dryer is setting us back the most but we really need to get this item considering how much laundering is to be done with this many children. My list also had a lot of extras and additional things because they can’t be shared and are needed separately by twin 2 and 3.

Also the expenditure does not include disposable diapers we might buy, but probably very minimally since we are now very used to using cloth diapers.  It also does not include milk formula, which we intend to use as a supplement to breastmilk. Breastmilk will be the main source of food for the first year IDEALLY.  I say ideally because breastfeeding multiples is no joke, and I might not be entirely successful in breastfeeding them totally for a year.  Also not included are bath and skin-related products which can be quite expensive depending if your baby has eczema.  Livia had a bit of eczema but it cleared up by the time she was 6 months.

I also bought new clothes despite getting hand-me-downs.  But unlike other parents, I don’t shop for clothes each time I see something nice. Similar to Livia, I bought all her clothes from newborn to age 2, and I never went shopping again. I also only buy clothes that are below $10-20, and usually two sizes too big so they last longer.  I found this is an easier way to control spending for those of us who do like to buy baby clothes but don’t want to go overboard.  Livia is now 2 and I have done a bit more shopping for her (maybe spent $100) when I was shopping for her sisters, for new clothes to last till she’s 4 years old.

I am also not bothering with confinement food (costs $2000 for lunch and dinner for a month) and confinement nannies ($5000 for triplets, $2500 for singletons) so that is saving us a ton of cash.  My husband will take work leave if things get very difficult and/or desperate and he will stock up on cooked food that I can easily re-heat when he’s at work. He has accumulated so much leave (he saved them up purposely for after I gave birth) that he needs to clear them anyway.  I also have mommy friends on standby that I can call if I feel like its too much for me to handle.  God bless them.  I know this sounds ridiculous that I am not hiring extra help, but I am counting on help from friends and family to also bring us food now and then and run for us errands when we need help.  We are also ignoring chores (except laundry and obvious messes that needs immediate cleaning) until things calm down.  If all else fails, I’ll be calling in a daytime emergency nanny (at $15/hour) for assistance.

I’m still contemplating buying a portable cot which is another $200. I will only get it after I bring the babies home and assess the situation.  We actually co-sleep but a portable/temporary cot might be necessary to separate the triplets from their big sister when neither parent is in the same room.

I’ll probably do up another list when I’ve gone through the first three months and it will be obvious then what I should have spent on and didn’t and where I could have cut back.

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