2014 to Mar 2016

Belly Update: 30 Weeks


Went for a detailed scan today.  The triplets are weighing at around 1.5kg each (so I’m carrying 4.5kg at this point!!).  Prof Biswas tells me to hold on, I’m getting there.  My practice contractions have gotten too frequent for my liking.  They are not painful but extremely uncomfortable and I had some headaches.  I was suppose to go for my scan alone today and I told my husband I don’t think I can do this alone and he had to take urgent leave from work to accompany me. I told the Prof about my tummy hardening all the time and he recommended I take those pills that relax my uterus, even if I am uncertain if I am having contractions.  I finally took them when I got home, and my stomach finally stopped hardening, but boy, I feel woozy.  The side effect of the pill is a temporary lowering of my blood pressure.  The week has not been great: my discomfort levels are off the charts.  I am hoping after I get some sleep tonight, I’ll feel better tomorrow.

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