2014 to Mar 2016


6 more weeks.  Panic.  Real panic.  I have so many things left to do, and so little energy to think about them.  I wish I had an house elf to run all my errands and a fairy god-mother to listen to all problems and dry my hormonal tears.  I know in the long run I am going to look back and all this will just be nostalgia, but right now I am in true panic mode.  Four kids. How are we going to do it?  The more I read the experiences of other multiple families, the more I firmly believe that our family need to be alone for the first month.  I know the common wisdom is to accept help but unless you’re a wet nurse, its truly going to be too much for most people to take.  One baby is overwhelming for an ordinary person, let alone three. My insistence on having my husband and I going at it alone in the beginning is to get the triplets on a schedule as quick as possible.  I don’t mind having help to do chores or to bring us food, but we don’t need help with the babies yet.  But my sense is people don’t really want to do our chores or run our errands.  With this plan, I am of course scared shit.  I have this image of myself crying while being surrounded by three screaming newborns and a whiny toddler.  I think what is scaring me is the fact that I had experience the newborn stage before and I know what goes on and I wonder how horrible will that be times three.  I might have been a bit more naive if this was my first time.

Moments like this, I thank God for Spotify and relaxing playlists.

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