2014 to Mar 2016

Getting to 30

Hi. It’s 5am.  I was awake again an hour before this at 4am.  And no, I am not practicing for when the triplets are going to wake me up endlessly from sleep.  As we approach the big 30 weeks mark in a day and half, my body just cannot lay in one position for too long or my bladder is full.  When you are carrying triplets, you don’t just have this discomfort of needing to pee constantly and only seeing a bit of pee come out when you finally make it to the toilet.  Instead with triplets, its more of a painful pressure on the bladder and you always have tons of pee to urinate.  ALWAYS.  My belly is also extremely distended that there are all sort of stretch pains whichever position I am taking. I actually have to shift my belly sometimes.  I feel its got a life of its own – well technically three lives of its own.  And when all is still and I am finally fairly comfortable, the triplets kick me non-stop and it takes a while before I can fall asleep again.  Ah, I will never see good sleep again will I?

But I’ve have had quite an amazing bit of energy despite being so enormous at this point.  I can still go out around my immediate vicinities, cook and care for Livia. I have more or less slacked on chores and just leave them to my husband when he’s home. My husband has fallen into a routine of giving me back massages when I get up and feet massages just before I sleep and that helps me get going and relax respectively.  Stiffness is a bit of a problem at this juncture so the massages are desperately needed.  Overall though I think we are doing pretty good as we get closer to delivery day.  I still do have days I am just bedridden from exhaustion but they are not so often.

I am eating a lot less unsurprisingly.  So my body (except for the belly and thighs) has started slimming down, despite gaining weight on the scale.  My clothes are getting very snug.  My dresses for example have gone from knee-length to mini-skirts because the belly forces the hemline to be pushed up.  I was wearing one out one day and took a glance in a mirror and was appalled that I allowed myself to be out with such a short hemline.  And people stare.  ALOT.  I think they are thinking how this woman can still walk?  Or is she carrying Godzilla?

We are having another detailed scan in a couple of days, and looking forward to reaching Week 32 which is the next and last major milestone before delivery.  I feel very fortunate and blessed to have made it this far in this arduous pregnancy.

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