2014 to Mar 2016

Fairly Well at 28 Weeks, All Things Considered

Week 28 was quite good.  I had only one outburst, my eczema subsided thanks to Bodyshop’s shea Body Butter and I’ve been able to sleep fairly well.  But managing an overactive Livia is getting harder now that I officially have a super bump of a belly.  She’s just full of energy.  She’s climbing, running, moving, jumping all over me while I just sit and look at her get tired.  The thing is she never seems to get tired.  It used to be a cinch to put her to bed, but now she runs and walks all around the room for at least an hour or two before she finally sleeps.  I guess there are worst things to complain about.

On a side note, people on the street no longer ask me if I am due soon, now they ask me if I am carrying twins.  I guess nobody will ever get it right.  I still think back to the first time the Raffles OBGYN told me he found a third embryo and still find the scenario rather impossible.

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