2014 to Mar 2016

All the Questions about C-Sections

I must have explained this to my friends a gabillion times but they still ask me the same questions! After I shared the girls’ birth date as chosen by Prof Biswas, many people still ask me:

1.  Why don’t you deliver naturally?

2.  Why can’t you wait till the 37th week or more?

3.  Why don’t you choose to deliver on your birthday?

I guess number 3 doesn’t count but its surprising how many people would want me to experience the pangs of birth on my birthday.  I rather not!

As to question number 1:  The thing is it requires a lot of stars to line up with the triplets for natural delivery.  And already one star is not lining up for me.  Two of my triplets are identical twins and they share a placenta and there is too much guesswork (finding their heartbeats) and waiting involved in natural labor that might put them at risk.  It is not the case where each twin will come out of my uterus one after another in quick succession if I chose to deliver naturally.  In most cases, there are long pauses in between twins, some as long as 2 hours. With identical twins, it can put either twin in distress if anything goes wrong and not acted upon immediately.  Besides, it is not common practice in Singapore to deliver triplets vaginally and given the lack of experience, it is preferable to go with the option that my OBGYN has more experience in.  In other places, vaginal delivery of triplets has happened, but they remain rare.  90% of triplets are birthed via C-sections.

As to question number 2: There is basically not much space left after Week 36 for the triplets to squeeze further. Additionally, the risks for acute TTTS to happen after Week 36 is very high.  Week 37 is actually considered full-term, so the triplets will only be shy of full-term by 5 days.  Some OBGYNs even recommend that triplets be birthed at Week 34 or Week 35.  For triplets anything after Week 32 is a bonus because most triplets tend to be born by Week 32.

I am all for championing natural delivery and keeping them in for as long as possible, but when you have multiples you have to forego your dreams of an ideal birth and expect a lot of medical interventions right from the start.  It took me a while to make peace with this but at this point I am in so much pain and discomfort, I don’t really care the method of how they come out anymore!

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