2014 to Mar 2016

End Goal: 09/09

Today was my routine check-up and scan.  I went alone again and enjoyed being by myself.  Once you are a mother, being by yourself is such a luxury.  My husband stayed at home to rest from his night shift and he looked after Livia.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened at today’s appointment.  But I told the doctor the pains I am experiencing and he said they sound fairly normal.  He said to take the medication that he gave me if the pains were in rhythmic waves (so far that hasn’t been frequent for me). He also said too much practice contractions happening consecutively is not good so whenever I feel the waves coming too frequently, I should take the medication to break the pattern.  Its easier now for me to detect when I should worry and when I shouldn’t because at this advanced stage everything is painful and I have difficulty differentiating between the different pains.

Then Prof Biswas directed me to the scan room so he can check on the triplets’ heartbeats.  They are doing well and the fluids are normal. Identical twin on the far right is still slightly smaller than her sisters. I hope she closes the gap since there is little time left in my womb.  When he was done scanning me he told me, so we have an end date you should strive to: 9 September!  The babies will be about 36 weeks and 2 days by then. I said wow okay, so that’s going to be a C-section right and he said yes, with triplets we don’t have much choice.  I like the date 09/09 and its smack right in between my husband’s birthday and my birthday.  Looks like I’m spending my 32nd birthday at the hospital.  It also means I am retiring from pregnant-hood at 31 years old, just a few days shy of my 32nd birthday. But I feel a lot better knowing there’s an end goal.  Suddenly, my mind is going into plan mode.  I started thinking about how to get extra help for Livia the week I’m in hospital and perhaps even for the first month when I’m still recovering from the C-section.

So 09/09 it is.  Stay in till then girls, and grow, grow, grow.

(Update:  The Prof changed the C-section date to 10 Sep, and the operation went as scheduled)

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