2014 to Mar 2016

27th Week Pains

I have been experiencing new kinds of pain.  And a few times I wasn’t sure if I should be admitting myself to hospital, especially when my tummy tightens.  My gut feeling told me that they were related to my uterus and tummy stretching and overworking.  My weight gain confirms my gut feeling.  I’m putting on weight much faster than before, and this is quite normal at this stage of the pregnancy, except three babies rapidly putting on weight exacerbates discomforts.

First, my upper abdomen was aching badly.  A cough or a sneeze is therefore very painful.  That thankfully went away, though there is still a dull ache.  Second, what I believe are round ligament pains is causing stabbing pains sometimes on my left and sometimes on my right.  Third, there doesn’t seem to be a sleeping position whether lying down or upright that is comfortable.  Gravity seems to be pulling my tummy painfully downward and my pelvis hurts as well.  Not being able to sleep is really exhausting – I have caught myself dozing off while sitting down in an armchair because I am just so tired.   Fourth, I should ideally sleep laying on my left for optimal blood flow to all three babies but because the identical twins are on my right, the weight and pressure they put on the fraternal twin when I lie on my left is immense.  I feel much better laying down on my right. Its a conundrum. Fifth, eczema is flaring up again and localised to my feet, and I permanently have cankles now. Sixth, acid reflux occurs all the time and my antacids only work for about 30 minutes or so now. The acid refluxes have also gotten extremely painful, like fire engulfing my throat.  Seventh, walking is painful.

I find myself panting from pain a lot.  I also feel its related to the lack of sleep.  When I manage to catch deep sleep, even if its just 15 minutes, a lot of the pains alleviate.

My friends tell me to hang on, its coming soon.  But really 9 more weeks is still quite a bit more to go.  What I have been doing is to drink  a lot water and urinate frequently. Sometimes I’d just take a bottle of water and sit somewhere and just drink and drink.  This somehow relieves some pelvic discomfort.   Other times when it gets too much, I lie on my left and get as long a shut-eye as I can and I usually wake up feeling a lot better. I’ve also tried playing relaxing tunes in my head to calm myself down.

Hopefully Week 28 is a lot better.

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