2014 to Mar 2016

Heavily Pregnant at the River Safari

Yes we did it.  We went to the River Safari on the first day I turned 27 weeks.  For non-Singaporean audiences, the River Safari is a river animal focused zoological garden.  And it was totally comfortable, even for me.  It was very different from the zoo, which is really a lot more exhausting.  For one, the entire walking route was sheltered, there was plenty of air-conditioning (a lot of the animals needed it) and it didn’t take as long as the actual Singapore Zoo. There were also plenty of seats to rest on when I got tired.  Unfortunately, by the time we were half-way done my feet had pretty much swelled to twice its size and my husband had to massage my feet in full view of the public. Thankfully it wasn’t a crowded day.  Once I got home, I got another massage and I put on compression socks and slept.  A friend who accompanied us did remark that my pregnancy eczema looked really terrible.  It is getting better but it has left really ugly scars and when I am sleeping and unconscious, I sometimes scratch my legs and hands till they get bloody. Anyway, I am just happy I got to be part of Livia’s River Safari experience, and it hit me that one of the greatest joys of parenting is being there with them to experience their joys.  Livia went home with a much more expanded vocabulary on river animals in both English and Mandarin.

My phone also alerted to me that my SD card and phone memory is full from photographs.  Ah, the perils of parenting: the non-stop photography.  I am transferring everything to Google Drive now.  I cannot imagine how my phone is going to be able to carry the photographs I am planning to take when I have 4 kids.

There’s nothing much happening the rest of the week.  We will just be staying at home and doing the usual routine things. So there’s probably no update from me till next week when I go for my 28th week routine check-up and scan.  I like to think that no update is a good news, it means the buns are still in the oven cooking.

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