2014 to Mar 2016

Detailed Scan at 26.5 Weeks

Okay I ran out of creative ways to title my postings so some of them are just going to be straightforward.

I traveled alone today to NUH for my 26th week detailed scan.  My husband has to work the night shift and he needed to have his afternoon sleep or he won’t survive the night, which is fine for me because he can be home with Livia.  It was nice for once to be out on my own and carrying an extremely light bag.  Usually there are diapers, wet tissues, snacks, or books in my bag but this time round its just my wallet and phone.  How I miss that!  The taxi-driver who drove me remarked that I look like I was carrying a boy, and I understand what he means because my belly is high and pointy, which Asians believe is a sign for a boy.  I told him he was way off the mark and that I was carrying three girls and being the usual nosey cab driver, he found out from me that I had another daughter at home.  He said, “Wow you are blessed with 4000 gold.”  Its apparently a common Chinese saying meaning girls are treasures.  Other people have also asked Ming Da if he had mistresses/lovers in his past life because apparently daughters are reincarnations of mistresses/lovers.  Even if he did, how would he know.

The Fetal Care Centre was surprisingly not crowded at 3 in the afternoon, and everyone looked rather laid back rather than rushed.  I was betting that my name would be called soon, and it was barely 15 minutes and it was my turn.  I had a different room and sonographer this time round because the usual auntie who scans me was fully booked.  They did the usual measurements, and I am pleased to say that the tripsters have all doubled their weight.  They are closing in on a whooping 3kg at 26 weeks (equivalent weight of 1 baby at birth).  Livia was a mere 800-900g at 26 weeks.  This time round the fraternal twin measured biggest, though the same identical twin remained smallest, but only by 6% less.  Its only worrisome if they are measuring behind by 20% or more than their siblings.  The prof asked me if I needed his help in getting up from the chair and I said I can still manage but not without groaning very loudly.  Since nothing was particularly out of the ordinary, the Prof told me to keep it up and he’ll see me in two weeks for a routine scan and check up, and a week after that for another detailed scan.  Which means this month alone, I’m at the hospital 3 times.  The scans are getting more and more frequent as I get bigger.  I was given only one picture which was a 4d image of the fraternal twin – this was the first time we’ve seen her face clearly.  She looks a little like Livia.  The identical twins were not in a good position for photographs this time round.

While waiting for my turn at the cashier, I tried to find a seat but it was full.  Another pregnant lady left her bag in an empty seat and I asked if it was taken, and she said yes.  I thought oh, one of the pregnant patients must have gone to the toilet (on hindsight I realise people don’t leave their bags and go to the toilet).  Looking rather forlorn, a few people got up to give me their seats which I was really appreciative of because I just cannot bear to stand for very long.  Its very exhausting.  I finally realised then that the pregnant lady who left her bag was saving the seat for her husband! Oh boy, was I fuming.  There was no point by now to go up to her and tell her that these seats were reserved for patients and not their families.  I find it incredible that a fellow pregnant woman has zero empathy for another pregnant woman.

After paying and booking my next appointment, I went home.

At 26 weeks, I am feeling very big and having to say excuse me wherever I go because it seems I am bumping into everything and everyone. Eating is still not enjoyable without soda.  I try to drink milk 4 times a day for extra calcium and protein. I also only get 2 hour stretches of sleep at a time so it contributes further to the lethargy and exhaustion. I get back and feet massages almost everyday now from the husband to help alleviate some back and pelvic pain and relieve my edema (its slight, not serious).  I also wear compression socks when I feel the ankles look too swollen and they work very well.  I am also feeling those emotional motherly feelings toward the triplets, like a deep sense of bond and attachment.  When I read and sing to Livia, it feels that I am reading and singing to the four of them. I think I was in denial for a very long time that three babies were going to emerge from me.

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