2014 to Mar 2016

Family Photography

We had our maternity + family photography done yesterday.  Despite some cliche belly bump poses, the entire thing was not as awkward as I thought because most of the photographs were taken while we were just going about doing our own stuff.  We started with some photos at home but Livia had difficulty warming up to the photographer so we proceeded outdoors where she went absolutely berserk with happiness, as I had predicted.  And so it was easier to take photographs.  During a few intimate photo poses between my husband and I, he mouthed to me that, “This feels like a wedding photo shoot” and I said, “Well, that’s too late for that now.”  But we just laughed it off and the photographs actually came out really nice.  I also enjoyed being outdoors for a while having been cooped up at home most of the time and the weather was really kind to us.  But Livia, as usual, stole the limelight.  She’s just naturally photogenic and its really fun to take photographs of her, as evidenced by the millions of photographs I take of her already.

This was the first time we did something like this.  My husband and I did not even do one for our wedding.  Its not something either of us were interested in.  But somehow I started yearning for more family photographs which is kind of hard to take without an outsider taking one for you.  I wanted a memento for Livia, as a remembrance when it was just three of us before she has to share us with her tripsters (my nickname for her triplet sisters).  Most of all I wanted to remember being fairly young (if you call early 30s young) and being pregnant because it will not happen again!

I’ve also been receiving visitors at home and its so nice of my friends, some of whom I’m not close to to take out some time to see me and entertain Livia a bit.  They know its hard staying at home everyday.  It does help the days go faster, especially now that we are on the last trimester of the pregnancy.

Detailed scan coming up soon next week – I hope to see the tripsters double their weight.

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