2014 to Mar 2016


So after several weeks I am giving up with the protein shakes.  I just cannot stomach it anymore.  I am replacing them with additional glasses of milk and making the conscious effort to eat protein-rich food.

I have no idea what happened, I hit the start of Week 25 and my mobility became severely reduced.  Maybe the stomach got slightly bigger or the babies had a growth spurt.  But I simply have difficulty moving and I know at the back of my mind that if I feel pain, I should not push.  This is a shame because I had made a few more outdoor plans which I canceled. The family also wants to visit the River Safari and we got free tickets, and I told my husband maybe he should go with Livia himself and he said if I really wanted to go, he could push me in a wheelchair. Its rather weird to be in a wheelchair! But I don’t really want to miss seeing Livia see the pandas.  We’ll see how I feel a week from now.  I did read about triplet moms who did their baby shopping in wheelchairs so its not that strange.

Feet swelling is also starting to be a problem.  They swell when I am up on my feet cooking, walking, and doing simple chores.  I watch my feet like a hawk because if it gets too big, it could be symptoms of something more serious.  Right now they are just minor and they go down with massages and rest.

One thing I really, really hate is I can’t put my laptop close to me anymore because the tummy has grown that BIG.

I can start to see why many multiple moms beg their OBGYNs to take out their babies early.  The discomfort is maddening.

5 thoughts on “Immobile

  1. Dear Jeannie, The TTTS Foundation recommends at least 3-4 cans of Boost High Protein or Ensure High Protein a day. These drinks are commonly found in any supermarkets in USA. We don’t have them in Singapore so I bought protein powder from iHerb and mix it in with milk or shakes. There’s many kinds of protein powders, it doesn’t really matter which one, as it all depends on your personal taste buds, but its recommended that you drink them at least 3-4 times a day. Depending on whether you have twins or triplets, an average woman needs 70g of protein and add 25g per foetus per day.

    I hope everything goes well for you and your babies!

    • Hey thanks for the advice. My main concern is if there were any harmful ingredients for pregnant women in those protein powder.

      Like you mentioned, I couldn’t find Ensure High Protein (only Ensure Plus). So for a few days, I was consuming whey protein isolate powder from GNC. I finally googled some of the ingredients (BCCA and glutamine) and there were mixed reviews on their effects on pregnancy.

      So I’m really confused and wondering if I’m doing more harm than good.

      Which is the exact brand that you purchased?


  2. Oh the GNC ones are pretty high protein but I found they gave me too much energy that I can’t sleep at night. The one I got from iHerb is an organic version called Garden Greens Protein Shake Energizing Drink Mix Double Chocolate Flavor. It tastes like peas for some reason. Its around USD11 for quite a good sized container. My friends said the organic protein shake brand called RAW tastes good, but I never tried.

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