2014 to Mar 2016

Acute TTTS

Just when I thought I was close to getting out of the TTTS danger zone, I realised that was only for chronic TTTS.  Acute TTTS can happen anytime after 26 weeks of gestation and it usually occurs within 24 hours and its typically fatal.  Like I need more things to worry about.   TTTS only applies to my identical twins who have been the source of worry from day one because they share a placenta.  So far they are doing well, but now it strikes my heart to know that the acute version of TTTS can take me by surprise.  The only symptoms would be a sudden weight gain and leg swelling.  But leg swells are common in pregnancy, so its hard to tell.

I can’t do much I guess except to continue drinking tons of water, milk and protein shakes and eat well.

And now I have terrible pregnancy rash.  I am itching like mad all over my legs and hands.  No moisturiser helps!  They say its because of hormonal changes.  Like I need more reasons for sleep to be difficult

10 more weeks to go.

3 thoughts on “Acute TTTS

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  2. I found this Blog while searching for MoDi/MCDA Surveillance & Treatment resources within beautiful Singapore. I have a mum that has Mixed Triplets (“Pair & Spare”:2 Monochorionic Identicals with a Singleton Bystander,) in Week 11. I am fortunate to respectfullly request help from you regarding medical Expertise in your country for Monochorionic Pregnancy as I see you are experienced with it. It is a distinct pleasure to make your acquaintance.

    I also wish to answer the False Misinformation you received from Mary Slaman’s TTTS Foundation regarding so-called “Acute TTTS”. Please search for “Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence TAPS” for the true causation of this False Disorder “Acute TTTS”. As you will find out, TAPS takes weeks to become dangerous, & the vast majority of cases attributed to it simply did not have the MCA Doppler scans done during gestation,which would have found the Discordancy in Red Cell Volume early enough to adjust delivery timing & deliver a live pair of twins. I invite your correspondence on Facebook via PM & thank you for any information you can share regarding excellence in Monochorionic gestational care in Singapore

    With Utmost Sincerity,
    Michael Ray Overby.
    Lay Counselor
    MoDi Twins & Pregnancy on Facebook.

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