2014 to Mar 2016

Estimated Medical Cost

These are the estimated costs for carrying triplets in Singapore.  We chose to go with a public hospital where you are allowed to downgrade from private to subsidised when the need arises.  You cannot do this at a private hospital. Public hospitals are also more equipped and experienced to handle multiples.

NT Screening: $350

1st trimester routine blood test: (I forgot)

Pregnancy supplements (including DHA supplements): $40/ month = $360

Detailed foetal screening (once a month for triplets, but for normal pregnancies only 2 the entire pregnancy): estimated $200/per scan = $1000

Routine check up and scan with MFM specialist (once a month then increasing to twice a month and then to once a week as the pregnancy progresses):  We chose specialist II which cost $70/per visit; and from 20-40 weeks onwards you can sign up for a package price of  $700 which we did = $840

Taxi ride between NUH and Tampines (we live particularly far): $44 per visit = $792

Progesterone injections (once a week): $24 per ampule = $576

Costs we have yet to pay

Inpatient costs for mom and baby in Ward A (I think it will be a Caesarean delivery): Estimated at $5000 after Medisave deduction

NICU: If the babies end up in NICU we will downgrade to Ward C which is $150/day (80% claimable from Medishield)

Medishield also covers costs related to neonatal illnesses and surgeries (also 80% claimable).

So not including NICU stay which is hard to predict how much its going to be, the entire estimated cost is $9000.  The Baby Bonus cash gift we are getting for our triplets is $22,000 (paid in instalments of $7000 at birth, when babies are 6 months and 12 months).  So technically, the government paid for everything medical-related and we still got about $13,000 left over to buy other baby essentials.

The babies will also automatically get their own Medisave grant of $3000 each topped up by the government and CDA savings account which the government will match dollar-for-dollar up to $12000 in total for each child till they are 12.  While Medisave is usually used medical expenses, the CDA account is more flexible and can go toward enrichment courses, purchasing certain baby items at approved stores etc.  All unused monies will be transferred to their Edusave account at 13 years of age and thereafter transferred to their CPF upon finishing school.  Of course, not forgetting that most parents can use their own Medisave for their kids too and if you are like us, you also took our additional insurance under the Integrated Medishield plan.

So I would say Singapore is a pretty good place to be pregnant with multiples in terms of finances. For families who are in need, they are automatically given subsidy status and lots of welfare grants.  But be reminded that all government-related incentives stops at the 4th child.

We have been very fortunate so far in that I did not require hospitalisation for pregnancy complications.  But if I did, I would definitely downgrade to Ward B or C for subsidy status.

With Livia the pregnancy was very ordinary.  We gave birth to her at a private hospital and engaged the services of a private OBGYN, and we stayed in a 2-bedder ward for 3 days.  After Medisave deductions and the baby bonus cash gift, we only paid a total of $400.  However, because she was the first child and there were a lot more baby things to purchase, the Baby Bonus cash gift did not stretch very far.

As to costs related to raising multiples, ha, that’s another story.  Its certainly very unaffordable to hire a confinement nanny.  They will ask for about $4000 or request that you hire two.  It is also very unaffordable to put your babies in infant-care (where they will also be exposed to diseases galore even at the best infant-cares).  I do not subscribe to the idea of hiring a maid so that’s not an option at all.  We also do not have family who can help us.  So for our unique situation, we agreed that I will stay home to take care of the children till at least 3 or 4 years of age.  So good thing we are done with family planning due to our very efficient 3-for-1 second pregnancy.  I get an opportunity to raise the kids at their most tender years and I can still look forward to returning to the workforce when I am in my mid-30s.  Before having the triplets, I was not sure at all when I can start working because we did not know when we would conceive our last child.  Of course, not everyone wants to be a SAHM but with multiples, its the most cost-efficient choice. However, we are not going on the SAHM route to save money, its our personal choice as to how we wish to raise our family.

PS:  If you do choose to deliver at NUH and stay at their Deluxe Suite or Class A, you are given an option to have a candlelight dinner with your spouse in your room to celebrate your bundle of joy, or as my friend M jokingly says, to celebrate the last moment of being a carefree couple.  I am just wondering who actually has the mood to have a candlelight dinner after going through labor?

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