2014 to Mar 2016

They Are Viable (Finally)

We made it to Week 24!  I can’t believe 6 months has flown by and I forgot how 4 of those 6 months were such a painful and terrible ordeal.  Week 24 means the babies are viable and they stand a good chance of surviving if they are born early.  On the downside it also means that my tummy has ran out of space so their growth will slow down and there are no more growth spurts. This is the reason multiples tend to weigh smaller than their singleton counterparts at birth.

We had another early morning appointment today with the Prof.  Just a routine check-up and scan.  There is still no TTTS and we are close to getting out of that danger zone.  He also brought up something new which was some emergency pill I needed to take if I had contractions.  He said if I felt 3 contractions within an hour, I was to take 2 pills to relax my uterus and immediately call the hospital.  He said that 30% of triplets are born before 32 weeks and 80% before 36 weeks, so the pills would help to slow down pre-term labor before I got to the hospital.  If that does happen to me, the hope is when I get to the hospital, they will do further medical interventions to stop labor.  So I need to watch out for contractions from this week on and I suppose I need to get back to lying down more, which drives me crazy because its so boring.  At least I’ve done the pregnancy thing before so I kind of know what contractions feel like.

Otherwise, I’m feeling good and eating well.  A lot of previous food aversions have disappeared.  I have backaches every now and then but no vomiting and nothing crazy has happened.  Sleep remains difficult and I need to go to the toilet at least 4 times at night after going to bed.  My tummy is somehow growing outwards in a pointy direction, which I find very peculiar because with Livia my tummy was rounder.  And the babies are kicking and punching me more frequently. We are having maternity photographs taken next week, and the next detailed foetal scan is two weeks’ from now.  Between then and now I hope nothing crazy happens.  My husband, on the other hand, is very tired.  He has been working the double shift (work + household) for some time now.

I have to add that I’ve been to several hospitals by now in search of a gynae.  We had our first pregnancy and Livia’s delivery at TMC.  TMC is wonderful if you are having an ordinary pregnancy but their facilities are lacking and the hospital looks pretty worn down.  I saw a Raffles Hospital gynae, then a KKH MFM and finally settled on NUH for the triplets.  NUH has by far the best and most updated facilities and their service staff is excellent.  Everything also looks new (I guess from recent renovations to expand the hospital).  KKH was a big mess and all their departments were disconnected.  Papers were passed around and I did not like that I was being assessed simply from looking at notes on papers.  I never felt the same disconnect at NUH, everyone from the doctors to the nurses and administrative staff were in conversation.  It says a lot that I am traveling from Tampines just to see a MFM at NUH.

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