2014 to Mar 2016

Congestion..Beep Beep

We had another early morning 22-week ultra detailed scan.  Ultra-detailed because I usually get detailed scans but this time its ultra-detailed and took even longer.  They explained that my tummy is running out of space and from the next scan onwards it would be difficult to capture the triplets in detail so they would like to get as much information as they can today with regard to their structural development.

Immediately the sonographer noted that my tummy was packed full.  The babies were overlapping each other, and doing all sorts of weird yoga positions because they had no space.  She said, like MRT during peak hour!  Then she talked to the babies and said, please cooperate.  She’s always sweet-talking them to cooperate. She says things like mommy wants a photo of you, or please baby please.  Its pretty weird.

Fraternal twin was not cooperating as usual.  She faced down, as with all the other scans.  So they skipped her for the moment and went to the identical twin who apparently has overshot in weight and has emerged the biggest of the triplets.  The other identical is, however, the smallest. But all their birth-weights were on track (doing even better than singletons actually) and the differences between them remained small. And still no TTTS.  One more month and we are clear of the TTTS danger zone *fingers crossed*.

We were all very, very sleepy.  Plus, I have been scanned so often that its no longer a novelty.  My husband and I ended up snoozing a bit through the scan.  The sonographer encouraged me to sleep.  She said many people do that even for short scans.  I replied that its because that the room is dim and cooling and I am lying down. Livia herself was already fast asleep in the Boba carrier.

It must have been already an hour and fraternal twin’s face was still not viewable.  In comes the Prof and he takes over.  He struggled for a bit and then he told me to turn, which I did very painfully and groaned very loudly.  He said he had a quintuplet case once and the poor woman had to flip her tummy each time she had to turn.  I was glad to know he has experience delivering high-order multiples.  I know he has delivered many twins and complicated singletons but not much else other than that.  I believe Singapore has only seen 2 quintuplets.  After I turned, he managed to catch sight of the fraternal twin’s face and everyone (a sonographer and sonographer-in-training in the room) cheered.  The whole process was about an hour and a half.

At the moment their total weight is closing in on 2 freaking kg! I really look like I am about to give birth.  I don’t even walk anymore, I waddle.  I am having difficulty finishing even a quarter of my meal these days.  I get full extremely fast. Livia whose just 1.5 years old eats more than me!  We shared a burger this afternoon and she ate half my burger. The easiest thing to eat in bigger quantities has been soup.  I am also now turning to protein shakes and lots of milk to help fill the gaps in my nutrition.

Emotionally I am feeling good. I still get random morning sickness if I am awake too early in the morning, like for example today I retched for about 10 minutes even though there was no vomit coming out.  I am still doing weekly progesterone shots and sometimes when my husband goes off the usual parameters of where he is suppose to jab, it really hurts.  Sleep continues to be bad.  I sleep with 4 pillows but if no one is looking, I steal theirs.  I have no idea why I need so many pillows.  But overall, I feel good and confident.  I was feeling quite poorly before and thought I will never get to do the maternity photo-shoot that I’ve always wanted to do. I figured its my last pregnancy and the last time its just the three of us and I wanted professional photographs taken.  But I was feeling so awful that I can’t imagine pretending to look happy.  Since feeling better, I’ve arranged for a photo session with a friend of a friend whose a freelance photographer with experience in maternity and family natural photography.  We have set the date for the 25th week of pregnancy.  I hope I can move around still.

Two more weeks to their 24th week milestone!

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