2014 to Mar 2016

Plans, Plans, Plans

2014 was suppose to be very different.

We had plans to go to Europe and America.  Then my husband got a job offer he could not refuse and I got pregnant so we shelved those plans for another time and decided instead on a shorter holiday trip to maybe Maldives or Japan.  Then we found out we were having triplets and travel was entirely impossible.  Three months later, as I was getting sicker and sicker, he left his job, leaving us without income for 2 months, because his job required him to frequently travel and I could not cope with Livia on my own.  We should have been very worried about having a child and being pregnant with triplets and having no income coming in, but we spent those 2 months having fun and relaxing.

Now that the summer is here, and I am seeing my friends travel here and there, I cannot help but feel envy.  The year was suppose to be full of traveling with the family but I ended up being an incubator for 3 babies, and my husband ended up being a househusband.

My husband has since found a family-friendly company to join and I recovered from being sick.  And its easier to think clearly now and we realised that had we gotten pregnant another time, we might not have the triplets.  And in that way, the best plans are indeed the ones we did not make at all.

We are so looking forward to their arrival in four months’ time.

One thought on “Plans, Plans, Plans

  1. I can SO RELATE!! I Just had my triplets February 23! We had B/GG at 32weeks. Are you on Facebook? If so there is a “Triplets born/due in 2014” private group that I am a part of and the fellow triplet moms are AMAZING! Let me know if you want to join and good luck on your journey! I’ll be sure to follow along the way! It’s terrifying and painful but COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!!!

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