2014 to Mar 2016

House Arrest

Although I was not instructed to be put on strict bed rest, I have decided to put myself on house arrest.  I feel that it might help with the constant pelvic and groin aches which my gynae says its normal from carrying so many babies.  I can still move about but its preferable to lie down on my side as much as possible.  We will probably only head out when absolutely necessary because I really tire easily.

Yesterday I read a Dr. Sear’s article on coping with pregnancy pains and I found that his sleep method worked really well. He recommended sleeping upright on one’s left side, with a pillow propped in between the legs.  I propped myself upright with 4 pillows and I found I had zero acid reflux this way and could sleep through the night.  Following his Facebook feeds was the best thing that ever happened to me since becoming a mother. I like his moderate approach to things.

I was actually unhappy about having my routine check up at NUH at 9am in the morning. It did not coincide with my husband’s schedule so I had to go alone with Livia.  I predicted lots of early morning tantrums and tears so I requested a friend to accompany me to the hospital.  Livia turned out to be a perfect angel the entire 3 hours.  Even when I had to wake her up from sleep during the taxi-ride, she just jumped out of the taxi and ran into the hospital giggling.  She even accompanied me into the consultation room and stood by my side holding my hand during my scan because my friend ended up arriving so late that I had completed my appointment by the time she arrived. I think a lot of people were wondering how this whale of a woman was going to manage her toddler without her husband, because nobody usually visits the doctor alone without a companion.  I think its good I brought her storybooks and a book for her to draw on, and a packet of Pocky biscuits also helps.  My friend remarked how big I was for 20 weeks and she suggested maybe its time I started wearing my maternity dresses.  I think it was also because my belly button was started to poke outwards.  I prefer to wear a shirt and skirt during my appointments because its easier to lower the skirt for the scan rather than lift up half my dress.

Everything seems to be in order at 20 weeks.  Prof Biswas did a routine scan to check on the levels of the amniotic fluid and he said the babies looked to be around the same sizes and there was no lack of fluids.  He was in quite a mood exclaiming rather loudly how this would be the last time we would see all 3 babies in one screen because they are going to get so big the next time round, we won’t be able to capture them all floating side by side. By 24 weeks, my womb would officially run out of space and they will be basically pushing and squeezing each other till however long I can hold them. He kept going, “Look at their 3 bodies ha ha!” and “Look at their 3 heads!  Do you see it!!”  He was so loud the nurses came in to take a look and I heard a lot of “so cute” and “triplets” behind me.  I was lying down so I couldn’t really look at what was going on behind me.  I think Livia thought the attention was on her and she was giggling along as well.  So I would say our morning went much better than I had expected.  We had lunch with my friend and our kids ran around a little in NUH, and then Livia and me headed home where we collapsed on our bed for a full 5 hours.

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