2014 to Mar 2016

We are Half-Way Through (Sorta)

The triplets have reached Week 20.  Big whoop.  Its still a long way to go but this is a milestone.  The bigger milestone will be Week 24.  As the weeks pass, I feel more and more confident in bringing them closer and closer to their EDD.

The past few weeks have been great and not so great.  Some weeks are like the first trimester and there was plenty of pain, vomit, breakdowns and tears.  Other weeks passed by uneventfully.  The one constant is that its getting very hard to walk and stand for too long so I am forced to do my shopping a bit earlier.  Those items that I am still uncertain about purchasing, my husband promised to get them for me later on.  As with Livia, we are keeping our baby purchases minimal – no cots, no diaper-changing stations, no stroller, no special diaper bins, no automated rockers, no new toys etc.  I simply got additional Aden+Anais swaddles, more burping cloths, and some preemie clothing since they are definitely going to be a lot smaller than Livia was.  There were thankfully a lot of expensive items that we had used for Livia that could be passed on like my breastfeeding pillow, baby bath, play gym, musical play yard, a preloved rocker, bottles from newborn to age 1, and bottle warmer and steriliser.  But my one weakness is baby clothes, especially since knowing they are girls, I get a bit gaga with pretty baby apparel.  I have gone through Livia’s hand-me-downs and I am surprised that there weren’t a lot to hand-me-down.  Its enough for one baby but not for 3.

I know a lot of people wanted to get us gifts, and I am hoping that they would either just buy us lots of disposable diapers or gift us cloth diapers. I am still on the fence about doing cloth diapering all the way.  We have about 12 pieces Bumgenius 4.0 cloth diapers and for the triplets, I would need about 30.  It will set us back a couple of hundreds to buy additional cloth diapers and I am not very certain how much we will use them.  It might save us money in buying disposables but it won’t save us money in terms of electricity and water considering how much laundering is to be done with cloth diapers.  With Livia, we mixed cloth diapering and disposable diapering and we will probably do that again with the triplets so I am not sure if I should get additional cloth diapers or just try to work with 12 pieces.  They are really NOT cheap.

Livia has been absolutely fantastic. She is so independent in taking care of herself (except for changing her diapers, we are still working on transitioning her to the potty) that its made my life a lot easier since I am pretty much immobile.   She also keeps me entertained when I am pretty much bored lying down on the bed.  I realised that she is quite the prankster and comedian and she makes me laugh a lot. And when sees me in pain or understand that I am in pain, she tries to give me a hug.  Her vocabulary is also expanding rapidly so interactions have been easier when before there was a lot of guesswork involved.  I am most proud of her acquisition of Mandarin.  We did not put her through any particular drills, flashcards, or enrichment classes.   Her dad just reads to her everyday and speaks to her in Mandarin and she really just absorbs like a little sponge.  She has only been able to code-switch for the word apple.  I am also learning new Mandarin words everyday and I put them into practice with her.  At some point, she would surpass me obviously.  I truly feel that attachment parenting has made her the independent and secure toddler she is now, and this is why although it is probably more challenging, I hope to continue to practice attachment parenting with the triplets.  I have already made plans to get additional baby carriers.  With the Moby Wrap, we could actually carry 2 newborns at once, and with the Boba 3G carriers, when they finally have stronger neck controls, we could carry one at the back and one in the front.  Or combine the Moby and Boba which I’ve seen many parents do online.  It would obviously be impossible for me to carry all 3 since the maximum is 2 for each person, so I can never go outside with the triplets without my husband.

There is another appointment with the Prof this week.  Looking forward to seeing how big they have gotten.

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